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15 Signs That You’re a Cat Lover

Have you reached peak cat-lover status? Here are 15 not-so-subtle signs that you might be on your way to becoming a crazy cat lady!

Of course you love your cat (she is your baby, after all), but any cat lover has the potential to reach crazy cat lady status. Are you well on your way to claiming this beloved, hard-earned title?

Here are 15 signs that you really, really love your cat(s):

  1. You Knit, Crochet or Sew for Your Cat
    Do you love making an occasional sweater for your furry friend? That’s really sweet! But you might be verging on crazy cat lady status if you knit an entire wardrobe for your pet, as well as toys and bedding.


  2. Your Cat Has the Best Halloween Costume on the Block
    Dressing your cat up for Halloween — or any other holiday — is a sure sign that you’re head-over-heels for felines. But before putting your cat in an adorable get up, be sure to check out Halloween Pet Costumes: Safety Guidelines.
  3. You Take Selfies With Your Cat
    You know you’re really crazy about your cat if her sweet face is all over your phone and social-media accounts.
  4. You Cat Has Her Own Social Media Account
    Speaking of social media, does your cat have her own Instagram account? Or perhaps her own blog? If so, you might have started to cross over to crazy cat lady territory, especially if you blog using your pet’s “voice.”
  5. You Take Your Cat for Walks
    Taking your cat for a walk with a leash gives your favorite feline exercise and mental stimulation. If you have a stroller for your cat, however, you might need an intervention.


  6. Your Cat’s Comfort Is More Important Than Your Own
    Do you move over so your cat can stretch out on the sofa? Or perhaps you adjust your sleeping position so that your kitty can get comfy? Either way, giving up your own comfort means that you’re a full-fledged cat lover.
  7. You Go a Little Crazy When It Comes to Gifts
    If your cat tops your gift giving list for the holidays, you’re definitely obsessed with your pet. But if you wrap the gifts and help your cat “unwrap” them, you might have a bit of a problem.
  8. Your Pet Is the Main Subject of All Your Conversations
    Are you always telling stories about your cat? Do your family and friends know all about the adorable and silly things your pet does on a daily basis? Enough said.
  9. You Buy Special Music for Your Cat
    Yes, it’s a thing. What kind of cat person are you if you haven’t heard of The Benefits of Music for Cats? A true feline fanatic plays music that is designated for cats over her own favorite tunes.
  10. You Make Crafts Out of Your Cat’s Hair
    Believe it or not, some people actually save their cat’s hair for crafting purposes. This might be the truest test of whether you qualify as a crazy cat lady, especially if you spin the hair into yarn and then knit your cat a sweater. Not only can you buy books with ideas and follow Pinterest boards on the topic, you can also buy crafts made from cat hair.
  11. Your Prioritize Your Cat Over Your Guests
    Do you often put your cat first, even when you have guests over? You might be starting to cross the line if you ask your visiting friend to change positions because she was sitting on your pet’s favorite lounge chair.
  12. You Have a Slew of Feline Companions
    Do you look like Eleanor Abernathy (from “The Simpsons”) when you walk down the street? Well, being a true cat lover often means that you have two, three or 10 feline companions.
  13. You’re Obsessed With Cat Videos
    If you love cats, you’ve probably spent many hours watching cat videos on YouTube. If you really love cats, you’ve probably shared those videos with everyone you know.
  14. You Throw Your Cat a Birthday Party
    This doesn’t even need an explanation. If you have a birthday party for your cat, all hope is lost. Welcome to the crazy cat lady club!
  15. You Have Tons of Cat Stuff
    Here’s a sure sign that you’re obsessed with your pet: You have a necklace, shirt and blanket with his picture or name on it. And don’t forget the tote bag and cell phone case!

Whether you’re a typical pet owner or a full blown crazy cat lady, there’s nothing wrong with showering your furry friend with love and affection!

Can you think of any other signs that you’re a true cat lover? Tell us in the comments below!

Kit Arbuckle works as a freelance writer covering parenting, education, health and pet care topics. She is definitely a cat lover, but hasn’t crossed over to cat lady. Yet.