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10 dogs with the best temperament for families

The kids have been asking for a dog, and you've finally caved. What type should you get? All these breeds have good temperaments and will be a welcome addition.

10 dogs with the best temperament for families

All kinds of families enjoy life with a pet, and for many families, a dog is the top choice. Once you’ve decided it’s the right time to add a dog to your household, picking the right kind of canine for your family is especially important to making a good match.

If you’re looking for a dog that will fit right in with your family, here’s a list of 10 dog breeds with the best temperament, courtesy of Vetstreet:

1. Golden retriever

If there’s one dog that typifies a friendly dog, it’s a golden. They’re loyal, fun and intelligent and love everyone they meet. They just always seem to be happy!

2. Collie

First and foremost, collies love children and love playing with them. They’ll love you, too, since they thrive on being around all family members. And while most collies don’t have the powers of Lassie, they are gentle and affectionate, two traits that make a great family dog.

3. Saint Bernard

Don’t let the size fool you. With some initial training, these dogs are gentle giants. A Saint Bernard will be calm and patient with kids. They are also big enough that little ones won’t hurt them during playtime.

4. Great Dane

Great Danes are also big dogs. But they have the heart to match their size. Affectionate and loving, Danes will adore your kids and get along with other family pets. They’re also very protective of their families.

5. Pugs

On the opposite end of the size spectrum is the pug. These fun-loving little pups were originally bred as companion dogs, and they certainly live up to that billing. Get used to having a four-legged shadow because pugs will follow you from room to room.

6. Boxers

Don’t let the wrinkled face fool you. Boxers love their owners (and their children, too). They’re happy and fun, and that’s reflected in their willingness to play. They’re also intelligent, so make sure they’re properly trained early or else they might outsmart you.

7. Staffordshire bull terriers

These dogs truly love their humans. Originally from Great Britain, they were given the nickname of “the children’s nursemaid.” They are smart and tenacious but also full of energy and enthusiasm. A Stafford thrives on being by your side while also being protective of you and your family.

8. Bulldog

This gentle dog is perfectly described by the word “good natured.” They love kids, are affectionate and exude loyalty. They’re also easy to train. Their even temperament makes them suitable for any age, including older folks looking for companionship of the furry kind.

9. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

These cute fur balls enjoy your presence no matter where you are. They might even try to follow you into the bathroom. Another breed that loves children, they do better with older kids, given their small size. So teach your little toddlers how to pet them gently. One advantage of their small size, however, is they’re perfectly suited for a quality cuddle in your lap.

10. Labrador retriever

No list of dogs with the best temperament would be complete without including the Labrador retriever. The typical Lab is outgoing and kind, eager to please their owner and rarely aggressive toward people or other animals. They tend to have high energy levels, which make them a perfect fit for active families. Like a bulldog, the Lab’s even temperament makes them ideally suited for older folks.