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10 Benefits of Being a Young Parent

Here are 10 perks of starting your family in your twenties!

If you’re a young parent, your typical Friday nights might differ a bit from those of your single friends. Instead of going out to a fancy restaurant or getting drinks with the girls, you’re more likely to be giving your little one a bath and reading him a bedtime story. But while it’s completely normal to sometimes feel nostalgic for your pre-baby lifestyle (and body), there a bunch of positives to starting your family early on in life!

Here are 10 benefits of being a young parent:

  1. You Learn Important Lessons Sooner
    “My daughter has taught me so much,” say Courtney Howell, the blogger behind Motherhood & Main. “As much as I am raising her, she is helping me grow as a person.” According to Howell, the little life lessons that she has learned from her daughter make her feel ahead of the curve.
  2. Taking Care of Someone Else Encourages You to Take Care of Yourself
    “I’m so focused on doing the right thing to ensure my son is getting everything that he needs that in turn I’m making sure I’m at my healthiest for him, too,” says Tanay Howard, the blogger behind Life with Tanay.

  3. The Transition Into Parenthood Is Easier
    According to Howell, it’s easier to adjust to being a mom when you don’t have a chance to become accustomed to a lifestyle that revolves around sleeping in, spontaneous travel or a disposable income.
  4. There’s Plenty of Time to Have More Kids
    When you have your first baby at a young age, you feel less pressure from your friends and family to keep adding to your brood. “No one is asking me when the next baby is coming, reminding me about my biological clock,” says Howard.

  5. It May Be Easier to Relate to Your Children
    Like her son, Howard says that she can appreciate watching cartoons endlessly, building blocks just to knock them down and reading the same book a gazillion times. “As he gets older, I feel like it will be easier for me to remember what life was like when I was his age,” she adds.

  6. You Get to Spend More Time With Your Kids
    “Having my daughter in my early twenties, as opposed to later in life, means I have that much more time to cherish with her and that many more memories to make,” says Howell.

  7. You Have Time to Plan Out Your Future With Your Family in Mind
    Nothing motivates you more than having another person to think about, says Howard. Planning out your future at a young age will set you on the right path to achieve all of your personal and professional goals!
  8. You’ll Have an Empty Nest Earlier on in Life
    Howell isn’t quite looking forward to the day her daughter moves out, but she admits that it’s nice to think she’ll just be entering her forties when her little one goes off to college. “While other parents who decided to have kids later in life will be busy chasing toddlers or managing the mood swings of preteens, I’ll be busy rekindling my dreams, pursuing my passions and traveling,” she says.

  9. Your Kids Will Have Active Grandparents
    By starting your family at a young age, you allow your parents to have more lively, healthy years with your kids. Bonus: Younger grandparents typically have more energy for chasing their grandkids around, taking them to the park and simply getting down on the floor to play.
  10. You Have More Energy Too!
    What parent isn’t seriously sleep deprived? Sure, waking up multiple times every night would be difficult at any age, but, as Howard points out, it’s probably easier on your body to chase after a toddler on three hours a sleep when you’re in your twenties than it would a decade or so down the line.

With all of these benefits, there’s no need to worry if Friday night means tucking the kids (and possibly yourself) in bed by 9 p.m. Just be sure to take a night off every once in a while! For inspiration, check out 5 Romantic Date Ideas for Parents.

What are some other benefits of being a young parent? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Bayan Raji is a freelance writer and youngish mother to two kids.