The Tutor Guide: Tutoring Fees

What to expect

If you hire a tutor to come to your home, you will negotiate the rate. A tutoring agency or center, on the other hand, typically charges a set fee for its services, plus a registration fee.

Private Tutors

  • Individuals generally charge according to their level of education and experience. Expect to pay $10 to $15 per hour for a high school student, and up to $75 per hour for a certified teacher with experience. A teacher trained and qualified to work with children with special needs will likely charge more. Rates can vary quite a bit depending upon your location.
  • When you start making inquiries about tutors in your neighborhood, ask about the going rates so you get some sense of the market. Tutors tend to charge more in large cities, where the cost of living is higher. For example, if you live outside of Chicago, check what other Chicago Tutors are charging so you can compare rates. In the same way, if you live in Texas, check what Austin Tutors, Dallas Tutors and San Antonio Tutors are charging so you can determine the appropriate pay rate in your area.
  • Find out how long each session will be, and whether your child is expected to purchase any special supplies -- such as language tapes or workbooks -- that could add to the price of lessons.

Tutoring Agencies

  • A tutoring agency will help match you with a tutor. Most agencies charge a registration fee, plus a fee for individual tutors. Rates could start at $25 per hour and go up according to the subject area and the tutor's level of expertise.
  • Ask about any additional fees, such as for extra testing. Also, find out if you are expected to sign a long-term contract with the agency.
  • Make sure you understand the agency's policies about sessions you cancel -- do you have to pay even when your child is sick, or can you reschedule a session for no additional fee? Also ask whether the agency will send a new tutor if the first one doesn't work out.

Tutoring Centers

  • A tutoring or learning center typically offers a list of classes and corresponding rates. A class that meets once a week might cost $50 per month; more intensive classes that meet more frequently could cost up to $150 per week. A variety of tutoring services will be available. You can make an appointment to visit the center, have a tour, and speak with a representative.
  • Ask about additional fees, such as testing. Find out if you are expected to sign a long-term contract with the center.
  • Find out the refund policy if your child wants to drop a class.

Online Learning

  • A subscription to a service with a package of lessons might run $100 per month.
  • An individual on-line tutor could charge $20 to $50 per session. Discuss the ways in which you will monitor the sessions and be clear about the goals. Ask the tutor how he will exchange information with your child and how he will keep track of progress or address obstacles. Understand that registering for an on-line course differs from working with a tutor by email -- both can be effective, just be sure you know what service you are purchasing.
  • Some sites offer free homework help, but there may be limited quality control, and the response rate might be slow.

Free Services

  • The national No Child Left Behind program in the public schools provides tutors to qualified families through Title I Supplemental Services. This service is available in schools that are identified as needing improvement. The tutors must be approved by the state.
  • Some schools provide free on-site tutoring or homework help centers for their students. These are sometimes staffed by older students. Colleges, after-school programs, and community centers also sometimes provide free help centers as a community service.
  • Some centers and agencies offer scholarships. Ask about how your child might qualify.
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Comments (66)
I am a retired engineer with 30+ years of experience. I charge $25-35/hour and require 2 hour blocks for tutoring. My experience is in Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry. The range of students vary from Junior High- Senior High- College Level. I also tutor from my home office. This is a nominal amount, and I know I could charge much more, but I enjoy tutoring kids. These kids need a quality education, and especially someone who can encourage them. I do this because I love it. Also, while I understand budgets, my time is valuable. I expect a commitment by parents and students. My goal is to get the committed students as far along as possible, and I spend additional hours preparing materials, researching, and answering questions by students in between sessions when necessary. I'm not in it for the money, but still, I have to make enough money to meet my bills.
Posted: September 18, 2015 at 4:32 AM
Photo of Sri M.
Sri M.
Considering that I am a qualified teaching professional who has shown competence in my job, I quote my tutoring fee modestly, but with no arrogance. After agreeing on phone, imagine clients (parents) negotiating further in the tuition fee merely because I happen to be from "their homeland"!
I am wary of such clients.
I would rather take up on-line tutoring.
Posted: September 02, 2015 at 2:04 PM
Joe B.
I teach online classes at the community college level and I've considered tutoring on the side. However, I don't know how much to charge. I've seen as little as $10-$15/hour for a high school student to $70/hour for a certified teacher. There's no way I am going to invest in tutoring for less than $30/hour. To me, $50/hour seems fair for someone with a master's degree (at least in Rhode Island). Am I wrong?
Posted: August 16, 2015 at 11:38 AM
I am a high school math teacher and I charge $50/hour for tutoring. Rates in my area (suburb of New Orleans) are $40 -$75/hour for tutoring with a certified teacher. I set my rates a bit lower than the cost for private piano lessons, golf lessons, tennis lessons, etc. I have a full roster of students and always have a waiting list. I am grateful that tutoring gives me the opportunity to make a decent hourly wage, because teaching in the classroom doesn't. I love teaching, but I am happy I can supplement my income to make a decent living.

Don't sell yourself short! If you a competent and caring teacher, you are worth a good hourly rate!
Posted: June 30, 2015 at 12:01 AM
Photo of Sherri G.
Sherri G.
I am seeing numerous postings in my area for tutoring for two siblings. These people are offering $10-$15 per hour. Do they honestly believe that someone will tutor both of their kids for $15 an hour? Plus, I would tell prospective customers upfront that I am NOT a babysitter. Some people do not want to spend time with their kids doing homework. I find this apalling and sad! I have seen this a few times, and I quickly told the parent that I was not a sitter that would keep their child so that they could run to the store or the mall. We are professionals and our job is to teach and to help students learn! That being said, I would not take less than $20-$25 per student in my area, and I would charge a little more than that to cover gas.
Posted: June 10, 2015 at 5:21 PM
Lynn M.
I am a certified teacher with 15+ years of experience. I charge $30 an hour and require blocks of 1-2 hours for tutoring. I have extensive experience in Science, Reading, and Special Education. I tutor from my home office. This is average in the Northern Illinois area. If you want quality tutoring you have to pay for it. While I understand budgets, parents should understand that if you want a QUALITY Education, you have to pay for it. I spend additional hours preparing materials,and take home reinforcement materials. I LOVE TUTORING and working with children, but still, I have to make enough money to meet my bills.
Posted: May 31, 2015 at 2:57 PM
Tutoring depends on where you are but even at best its no easy road to hoe

I did OK in suburbs but in a wasteland cesspool like oakland CA very very sparse
Posted: May 28, 2015 at 9:00 PM
What is the average tutoring rate for an elementary student in which I to and from to meet the tutor at a school. I'm currently paying 40/hr which seems a little high for me also prodiving the transportation and also my son indicated he really isn't doing work the whole hour. Thoughts
Posted: March 19, 2015 at 12:50 PM
Danielle H: one hour is pretty standard.
Posted: February 26, 2015 at 9:43 AM
Danielle H.
How long is an average tutoring session? 30 min, 1 hr?
Posted: February 21, 2015 at 12:29 PM
Aaron B.,

You can charge as much as someone is willing to pay. Don't compare yourself to teacher salaries. Running a business has both its risks and rewards. So let yourself increase your prices if there are people willing to pay.

Greg, a private tutor
Posted: February 19, 2015 at 2:07 PM
Photo of Carol M.
Carol M.
Carol B. I totally agree with you. It stuns me when I read some of these posts: what are these people thinking?? I wonder though...shouldn't advise parents of appropriate rates. Perhaps these parents are looking for high school students to tutor their children. Parents expect tutors to travel to their home, provide lessons, and then have parent/tutor time in addition to student/tutor time all for the ridiculous price of $10-15/hour. I bet that the mothers paying three times that to get a mani/pedi for themselves weekly. Where are their priorities and respect?
Posted: February 05, 2015 at 11:32 AM
Susan K.
treat people as you wish to be treated, it does return eventually. Be a giver
and you will receive, too.
Posted: December 20, 2014 at 3:49 PM
Photo of Janet L.
Janet L.
As a new mom, I understand it's not easy to find a qualified tutor for your child and pay a fair rate. However, as a teacher, I believe the rate should vary depending on the age group, grade level, and needs. The higher grade level, older, and has higher needs, should be charged higher. When I read the posts, I sometimes think people just want to get a good tutor for free. $15 per hour for a 9th grader? That's insulting. I really hope parents who truly want to hire a qualified tutor think about the price they post because it's a business in the end. The time and expense on the commute should take into factor of the rate. That's not greedy, but reality. Thank you.
Posted: December 12, 2014 at 10:38 PM
Aaron B.

I have earned $17 per hour as a French/Spanish tutor who provides homework help to high school students through the TRiO Upward Bound program.

I decided to tutor privately and I charge $10 per hour. I only provide help with French homework. My students come with the work that they need to do, thus I don't prepare work for them.

I just considered raising my rate to $20 per hour. I think it better not to raise my rate with my current students, since they helped me to build up my esteem as a French tutor.

I feel that my tutoring sessions are worth $20 per hour, but a first year teacher with a Bachelor's degree earns about $23 per hour in Atlanta Public Schools. APS pays the highest salary to teachers in Georgia. I consider that the teachers do much more work than I do (grading, lesson planning, discipline), thus I question if I deserve $20 per hour?

I have studied in Tours, France, and in Paris. I also taught English in France for nine months and taught English in Martinique for seven months.

How much money do you think that I should charge per hour as a French tutor who helps with homework?
Posted: December 05, 2014 at 9:28 AM
Don't know if anyone is reading this thread anymore...but I am a preschool teacher and am wondering if there would be any interest in tutoring for ages 3-5 yr. olds?
I would appreciate any feed back anyone would like to offer, thanks.
Posted: November 05, 2014 at 11:05 PM
I am an indiginous language tutor for learners who live 40km from me. I have to go to their place to tutor their grade 8 child since 2012. I used to charge R100 p/h and R100 fuel this is because they complained about my R150 p/h fee and when I told the parents for a raise they increase to R150 p/h but reduced fuel money instead saying that they are actually not responsible for paying fuel fee which they reduced to R75,00. Am I not taken for a ride here? Please advice .I have 30 years experience and a 3 year degree in the language. Phose,Johannesburg,SA.
Posted: October 30, 2014 at 6:01 AM
Nicole A.
I am a certified Elementary and Special Education teacher with an endorsement in Spanish, and have worked as a private one-on-one tutor for the past four years. My rates vary depending on how far I drive to meet with my clients. I charge clients who live within 10 miles anywhere from $30-$40 an hour depending on the services and the needs of the child, and my current client living an hour away pays me at a rate of $75/hour. This is incredibly reasonable if the tutor/teacher is flexible and talented, as I confidently believe I am, not to mention covering the cost of gas and travel. Like the gentleman below me wrote, the parents are paying for experience and the customized experience that children unfortunately do not always get in the classroom setting. Accepting anything below the rates I mentioned hurt and do a disservice to all of the other tutors in the area. I would advise parents posting tutoring jobs to increase their rates to at least $30 to find their child a qualified tutor.
Posted: October 16, 2014 at 4:30 PM
Wow! I have been wondering about this trend in extremes in the US. Either there are extremely caring 45+ aged people who 'give' to help children/future or, on the other hand, the younger generation who will fleece people to get the "value of their time and money."

Education providers are underpaid in many countries. I believe, education is most effective when 'given' for maybe no reason. Period. After six years of subbing at minimum pay, I am now going to tutor a whole school day with groups back to back for $100/- four to five days a week. And I thought it is an increase! With a non- American masters degree and 19 years in US, I am glad to still be out of the rat race.

Next thing to outsource might be education seeing this trend. Like someone said, let's take care of our kids, doesn't matter which side of which border they are on.
Posted: October 02, 2014 at 10:39 PM
How much can i charge.for.private spanish totoring? If i.dont have a teacher.certificate yet, but i have my Bachelor's Major in Spanish.
Posted: September 25, 2014 at 1:47 AM
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