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Heather's Adventure Learning Daycare And Preschool's Photo

Heather's Adventure Learning Daycare And Preschool

Arvada CO, Arvada, CO

Starting at $100/wk

I am very active and believe in learning through play to stimulate the mind, creativity, and motor skills. I believe it's important to read to, talk to, and use the five senses from infancy to promote creativity and curiosity. I also believe the best way to learn is through talking about and exploring in everyday life. My mom taught her five kids every chance she got by talking about what we saw and how things work whether we were home, at a park, or at a grocery store. I remember being excited to learn new things because of this, and I strive to make learning fun the way she did. I also have a preschool/craft area set up downstairs where we work with a felt board, do lots of hands-on activities, and do fun projects that promote learning. I have a daughter who turns two in March, and I engage her every way I can in creative ways that keep her engaged and eager to learn and try new things. I'm looking to babysit for kids whose parents would value this hands-on approach of learning through play from infancy.

We have a large backyard with a sandbox, garden, toddler pool, swing set, and a water table. There are also ball fields where we enjoy watching games and a nice park with a pond nearby where we watch ducks and geese. We frequently go to the Children's Museum, Museum of Nature and Science, Butterfly Pavilion, the library for story time, parks around the area, and community events.

Healthy foods with great variety are important to me, and my daughter will eat almost every vegetable and almost everything I cook because she's been exposed to so many types of foods. She especially likes picking peas, beans, and strawberries from our garden. I enjoy watching kids use gardening tools, "pull weeds" (and vegetable plants if I'm not quick enough, ha ha!), and water plants as we taste what's growing.

I also emphasize manners, respect, sharing, and empathy. The goal is help raise well-rounded, caring children with a strong sense of curiosity and excitement for life.

Your child(ren) will be well-loved and stimulated, and my home is somewhere they can grow and where you can be confident I'm working as hard as you are to help raise well-rounded, loving children. I found that, when I was a paralegal and brought my daughter to daycare, she didn't get the attention or interaction I feel is important, so I now do daycare and provide what I believe every child deserves.
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