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Photo for Medication Prompting And Mobility Assistance Full-time Support Needed For My Mother In Geneva, IL.

Medication Prompting And Mobility Assistance Full-time Support Needed For My Mother In Geneva, IL.

Full Time
Seeking care for my mother in her 70s. Services needed: companionship, feeding, bathing / dressing, medication prompting, mobility assistance, help staying physically active. Looking for someone with 5+ years of experience caring for seniors. Specialized care needs: support for chronic illness, nursing experience. A little more about my mother: she can be anxious, lethargic. My mom is on home hospice after 6. 5 years of ovarian cancer. I'm having trouble doing this mostly on my own. She's wheeler chair to move around and at the moment bedside commode. Her prognosis is 2 weeks to a month. She has "terminal restlessness" and often wants to move from the bed to the recliner then back. I'm only child and she's a single mom. I'm also (trying to) working 2 jobs remotely. I need someone who has experience with helping people during their end of life and can support her physically and emotionally. I'm looking for someone who is patient, quiet, fond of pets. Someone who is familiar with end of life care and can be calm and peaceful. My mom has been on chemo nonstop battling ovarian cancer for 6. 5 years. The chemo stopped working and her body started to shut down pretty fast so the transition to home hospice was hard for her to wrap her head around. She also has terminal restlessness and often wants to be moved from the bed to the recliner then back so I need someone patient but who can calm her. I'm her only child and left my PhD program in KS to come here in March to keep her safe from covid but during that time the cancer progressed to the point it no longer can be treated. I made the decision for hospice at home because I want her to die where she is surrounded by her artwork, our two small dogs, and me. I want her to feel loved to the end. I am very worried about covid because I'm immune compromised so looking for someone who is very vigilant too.
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