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Home Health Aide

Part Time
The home health aide provides personal care and related services in the home under the direction, instruction and supervision of a Registered Nurse. * Helps the patient to maintain good personal hygiene * Assists in maintaining a healthful, safe environment * Plans and prepares nutritious meals. * Assists the patient with ambulation * Assists with certain treatments as ordered by the physician and approved and supervised by the nurse * Assists the therapy personnel as needed with rehabilitative processes * May cue for medications ordinarily self-administered as assigned * Household services essential to health care in the home * Encourages the patient to become as independent as possible according to the nursing care plan * Attempts to promote patient's mental alertness through involvement in activities of interest * Gives simple emotional and psychological support to the patient and other members of the household * Establishes a relationship with patient and family which transmits trust and confidentiality * Prepares a report of her visit on the day it is performed and incorporates same in the clinical record weekly or as directed * Reports any change in the patient's mental or physical condition or in his home situation to her immediate supervisor, the staff nurse, or the aide supervisor * Carries out her assignment as instructed by the nurse or the paramedical team and reports to the nurse when she is unable to do so * Works with personnel of other community agencies involved in the patient's care as directed by the staff nurse * Performs routine housekeeping tasks as related to a safe and comfortable environment for the patient, as instructed by the professional nurse