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10 TikTok seniors who are making their mark and going viral

Many older adults have become bonafide stars using the social platform.

senior filming for tiktok

If you thought TikTok was just for teenagers, think again. The video-sharing app has exploded in popularity throughout the pandemic, and it’s not only kids who are taking notice. Around 11% of TikTok users are over age 50, and dozens of seniors have become bonafide stars using the app. Whether you’re into dancing, gardening, cooking, comedy or just plain fun, here are 10 trailblazing and spectacular seniors to add to your TikTok follow list immediately.

1. Cooking With Lynja


Homemade Pasta w/ @nick.digiovanni

♬ original sound – Lynja

Handle: @cookingwithlynja

Location: New Jersey

Number of followers on TikTok: 5.4 million

Cooking With Lynja is not your average cooking TikTok account. Lynja has a bold personality and uses her talents in the kitchen to show followers how to make everything from homemade pasta to unique soy sauce brownies. (Yes, that’s a real thing!) She has mastered the art of food, TikTok dances and viral memes, and whether you love cooking or not, you’ll get a kick out of her entertaining culinary adventures.

2. Grandma Great

Handle: @grandmagreat

Location: Utah

Number of followers on TikTok: 1.1 million

Need a daily dose of positivity? Over one million TikTok users follow Grandma Great for the same reason. This beloved TikTok senior posts videos for all of the fans she refers to as her “beautiful friends” with encouraging messages about love, kindness, positivity and believing in yourself. Sometimes her husband makes an appearance as well, which usually makes for some heartwarming fun. 

3. Ms. Grandma’s Garden

Handle: @msgrandmasgarden

Location: Northern California

Number of followers on TikTok: 130.6K

Ms. Grandma’s Garden is a top TikTok destination for gorgeous gardening videos, planting tips and delicious recipes. Ms. Grandma’s fans have fallen in love with not only her gardening skills and unique sense of style, but also with her loving spirit that inspires them to think about cherished memories with their own families and grandparents.

4. Erika Rischko


#duet with @heavytomodified thanks for the inspiration 🙏🔥🤗 #fitfam #functionaltraining #fitnessjunkie #fittok #fitnesschallenge

♬ Climb – ADONA

Handle: @erikarischko

Location: Germany

Number of followers on TikTok: 223.8K

Erika Rischko is an 81-year-old fitness lover who uses TikTok to share her tough workouts, do funny viral dances with her husband and inspire others to stay active no matter their age. Rischko started her fitness journey at age 55, and has been going strong ever since. Her videos are an inspiring reminder that you can find new passions and goals at every age.

5. Marsha Warfield

Handle: @marshawarfield

Location: Los Angeles

Number of followers on TikTok: 150.7K

You may recognize Marsha Warfield from her role on the ‘80s NBC sitcom Night Court. On TikTok, she uses her sharp wit to make videos talking about social justice, hard truths, love and kindness. Of course, the comedian also sprinkles in a good deal of humor content, like videos of her lip-syncing to popular songs, trying the latest funny filters and joking about the adventures of getting older.

6. Grandad Joe


Who is the most competitive person you know? 😅 see LIB to buy your Summer Games 😁 @theentertaineruk #Getinthezone #SummerGames #Ad

♬ SUMMER IN MIAMI – Pat Matrone & Massimo Scalieri

Handle: @grandadjoe1933

Location: Lichfield, England

Number of followers on TikTok: 4.5 million

Grandad Joe became a viral sensation during the pandemic by sharing videos of TikTok dances and his day-to-day life as a senior during lockdowns. Now, he’s become a social media sensation by sharing sweet and hilarious videos with his granddaughters, playing games, trying out the latest slang and any other funny situations he can get himself into. 

7. Grandpa Chan

Handle: @grandpachan

Location: South Korea

Number of followers on TikTok: 1.9 million 

This account features two Korean grandparents who learn viral social media dances to impress and entertain their grandchildren. Along the way, they’ve picked up nearly 2 million other followers who can’t get enough of their sweet moves. If you think you’re not young enough or cool enough to get in on the latest dance challenge, these two will inspire you to think again and give it a try!

8. Algie Powers

Handle: @algiepowers

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Number of followers on TikTok: 651.3K

Love to create? You may find inspiration from following Algie Powers. Powers is a musician who covers songs from popular artists, like Phoebe Bridgers, right along with posting her own original music. She has used TikTok to connect with new fans all over the world, thousands have fallen in love with her Joni Mitchell-like voice, creative spirit and bravery in showcasing her art.

9. Grandma Doniak


Your grandparent could be a celebrity like me on Silver Stars on @saltboxtv .Submit before it’s too late! #searchforsilverstars #silverstarspartner

♬ original sound – grandma_droniak

Handle: @grandma_droniak

Location: Newtown, Connecticut

Number of followers on TikTok: 3 million

Grandma Droniak knows she’s a star. In fact, her TikTok bio says, “Hello, I’m a celebrity and a 91-year-old grandma.” The grandma has quickly become one of the app’s biggest stars with her comedy videos featuring funny dances, rants about wanting a boyfriend and other random fodder that will delight and crack you up every time you watch.

10. Sailor Girl

Handle: @cubie1

Location: Canada

Number of followers on TikTok: 79.2K

Put on your dancing shoes, and follow Sailor Girl for a daily reminder to get your groove on. This “TikTok grandma,” as she calls herself posts videos of herself trying the latest viral challenges, freestyle dancing and just generally enjoying her life. Her bio says, “Don’t waste the music,” and her account is a testament to enjoying the moment and doing what brings you joy.