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Raise a confident child with healthy self-esteem

Show your child how happy you are when you are together

Raise a confident child with healthy self-esteem

In order to encourage confidence in children, parents can do a lot from the very moment of birth. At early age, kids do not need anyone else to feel appreciated by, but their parents. It is important to be aware of this and do everything that is necessary to provide a child with healthy image and self-respect.

This is something that should be practiced from day one of being a parent and continue forever. Even if you are busy with work all day and children spend time at care centres or with nannies, it is important to show that you are happy and overwhelmed when you are finally together. Even babies can sense this. It will do wonders for a child’s self-respect to be aware that his/her parents find satisfaction with being together as much as he/she does. On the other hand, treating a child like a nuisance when they try to be with you will only left them wondering why they are not good enough and questioning your love.

Play together and show that you care

Whenever you have the opportunity, play with your child. Even if you are tired, the child deserves your time. This way you could talk and teach kids something through fun. Moreover, if you are always happy to hear about children’s ‘adventures’ of the day and express interest in their doings they will feel more secure in their choices and try to provide you with more information the next day. Having support with their hobbies is something immensely valuable for kids because they will only find the will to practice more and become better at what they like to do.

Play with your kids

Be critical when you have to

There will be a time when your child does something that is not acceptable and this is when you have to be very careful. Yelling and not to mention physical punishment will not do any good. Lying about not punishing a child if they tell you the truth will also cause them not to trust you anymore. Therefore, be honest and fair with your kids. If they did something bad, you should be able to talk to them and explain them why that was wrong without allowing anger to consume you. All children can understand different situations and consequences of their actions if they are treated as able to understand them. This approach will only make kids more open, willing to think before they act and confident in their good behavior. 

Give your child some responsibilities

From doing some minor shopping to tidying up their rooms, children can benefit from being left with certain responsibilities that they previously saw you do. If they know that you trust them and see that you are satisfied with their success, children will consequently want to get more approval, thus trying to show more of their capabilities. By developing a sense of responsibility and feeling that you need them and their help, kids’ confidence is bound to boost.

Organize themed party

Pay attention to what your child likes

Birthdays are very important in child’s life so do not think about it like any other day with cake and some friends over being enough. Kids will definitely be happy with this, but if you want to encourage their confidence and build their trust, organize a special party with a specific theme that you know they simply adore like soccer or sports party. When shown this kind of care and attention, kids will feel more secure to talk about their likes and dislikes as well as value their own opinion. 

If you treat yourself, your child and other people with respect, the child will inevitably copy that kind of attitude. Therefore, do not be afraid to show what it means to stand firm and have faith in yourself in front of your kids.