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15 funny tweets from parents amid the omicron surge and all its disruptions

Parents get hilariously real about the latest COVID resurgence.

Not long after delta’s guest-starring role in the COVID hellscape, omicron has taken center stage. Deemed more transmissible than its predecessor, the newest variant is everywhere, disrupting work, returns to school and, more than ever, parents’ sanity. Fortunately, there’s Twitter.

While the pandemic is the polar opposite of funny, moms and dads are at the end of their ropes as we enter year three of COVID. Whether it’s because they have no tears left or, more likely, they’re losing it just a bit, here are 15 tweets about this god-awful resurgence that just may elicit a laugh. Because, boy, do we need it.

1. A go-to, if you need it.

2. AKA, should you send the kids to school or keep them home?

3. Get anything good, guys?

4. In case you wanted anything else to worry about …

5. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Unfortunately.

6. Take it easy on us, OK?

7. Or, you know what, maybe just fast forward.

8. At least the kids are staying creative.

9. “Moooom, my computer’s not working.”

10. Soooo… do you guys, like, get a new cup every time you drink, orrr…?

11. Uh, they’re kind of the same thing?

12. “Come on, you can tell …”

13. What you have to do if you really want to get out of anything now.

14. That moment you realize the kids have been home too much.

15. Because leaving the house is so 2019.