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16 brilliant Black moms on TikTok you need to follow now

Meet the follow-worthy Black moms on TikTok who do double duty by mastering parenting and social media.

16 brilliant Black moms on TikTok you need to follow now

For some moms, TikTok isn’t just a social media platform. It’s a universal hub to be entertained, build their business, make real connections, get answers, be a resource, or reclaim their identity outside of being a mom. (So don’t be surprised if you see videos of moms living their best lives without a kid on their hip.) 

Black moms on TikTok are no different. Yet, they are less likely to get the views, brand deals and recognition that others on TikTok, who are just as talented and skilled, receive. According to a Business Insider report, it’s not uncommon for Black influencers to receive lesser pay from marketers in comparison to white influencers with a smaller following. 

Whether you are looking to get another perspective, be an ally, learn more about specific topics or need another way to spend your me time, here are 16 Black moms on TikTok who are definitely worth the follow.  

Black moms on TikTok who talk about parenting

1. The Conscious Mama

Handle: @somocomlab

Number of Followers on TikTok: 14.1K


Definitely triggered making this one😣! Is this something you say to your kids? Have you tried the alternatives? Let me know 👇🏽! #positiveparenting #parentingcoach #emotionalwellness #childrensmentalhealth #consciousparentingcoach #CapCut

♬ original sound – The Conscious Mama

Chelsea Elliott, MSW is a mother of two and social worker on a mission to give parents the tools they need to deal with their own traumas and to be conscious of how they parent through them. You’ll find videos discussing how your personal strive for perfection affects kids, ways to make the school year smoother and more. Her most recent TikTok video, which tackles the issue with the phrase “Stop crying before I give you a reason to cry,” has over 55,000 views. 

2. LaQuista & Jackson

Handle: @laquistaerinna

Number of Followers on TikTok: 224.8K

This mom and son duo features all the things you could expect families to do: grocery trips, family outings and laughter. However, it’s the artwork of her 7-year-old autistic son that steals the show. The kid has some skills especially when it comes to drawing Sonic the Hedgehog. 

3. Dr. Patrice Berry (LCP)

Handle: @drpatriceberry

Number of Followers on TikTok: 63.3K

Boundaries, meditation and trauma have all become buzzwords. Despite their popularity, parents continue to have plenty of questions about how to best understand and implement these psychological concepts. That’s where mom, wife and Virginia psychologist come in. Her videos cater to actual children and the inner child alike.  Teenagers have received guidance about opening up to parents, while parents have received clarity about their own issues. 

4. Daily Davidsons

Handle: @TheDailyDavidsons

Number of Followers on TikTok: 85.5K


Testing to see how fast we can unlock a door if a clown was chasing us 😂 (Nova said you gon have to take the mask off for me 😂🤣) #michaelmyers #michaelmyerschallenge #family #blackfamily #familyof6 #vloggers

♬ original sound – Daily Davidsons

Come for the mom and stay for the family. Tiffany is a wife and mom who’s all about a good challenge and is sure to bring her family into it. Watch as the whole clan take on various social media challenges, enjoy parent/child dates, burping contests and family photos. Together, they are the culmination of Black joy. Some families are just more fun, and this account proves it.

Black moms on TikTok who talk about food

5. Natasha Greene


My 7th most popular video this year is a good one! Simple, juicy oven roasted chicken drumsticks. A must try for a delicious, no fuss meal. Enjoy! 1 family pack of drumsticks 🍗 (about 12) 1/3 cup of olive oil (a drizzle more if you need to loosen the marinade as you mix everything all together) 2 tbsp of lemon juice 1/3 cup of freshly chopped parsley 2 tsp kosher salt 1 tbsp adobo seasoning 1 tbsp all purpose seasoning 1 tbsp Aldi table blend salt free seasoning 1 tbsp garlic paste Arrange drumsticks on a sheet pan with space in between each drumstick Roast at 375 degrees for 1 hour or up to 1 hour and 10 minutes depending on how big your drumsticks are Pro tip: use the convection setting on your oven! It’ll cook things more quickly and evenly. If you use this setting no need to flip the chicken half way through & they will be done at the 1 hr mark for sure!

♬ love galore x see u again – Tasha

Handle: @asiliglamcooks

Number of Followers on TikTok: 228.7K

There are some amazing cooks on TikTok, and then, there are amazing cooks on TikTok who teach you how to be an amazing cook too. This mother of one is the latter, creating seemingly extravagant meals with not-so-extravagant ingredients and directions. And if the thought of cooking stresses you out, her soothing voice will lull you into a place of comfort and confidence so you can be the master of your own kitchen. 

6. Alexis Frost

Handle: @alexis.frost

Number of Followers on TikTok: 2.4M

Sometimes the best meals are the ones you don’t have to cook yourself. This creator is on a mission to discover the best fast food money can buy. Her series, “What Employees Would Order” feature reviews of employee-suggested menu items at fast food restaurants such as Panera Bread, Five Guys, Popeyes and more. In one video, her child makes a cameo experience so they can review Warhead soda varieties. 

Black moms on TikTok who talk about travel

7. Imani B.

Handle: @SheisImaniB

Number of Followers on TikTok: 24.9K


I get to travel the world in my career and could really just be on here talking about the “5 best luxury blah blah blah”. But with the privilege I have to be able to see the world, God is ensuring I am doing much more with my career and my platforms! #traveler #worldtraveler #expat #expatlife #blaxit #blacktravel #traveltok

♬ original sound – smelliot’s priv 😝😝

This creator has taken her love of seeing the world and turned it into a career as a travel journalist and product creator. She considers herself — and her son, who was born in Poland — to be global citizens. She documents various moments in her travels abroad including getting visas, finding schools for her child, and food experiences ultimately proving that Black expats do exist. 

8. themomtrotter Kay 🥰

Handle: @TheMomTrotter

Number of Followers on TikTok: 1.8M


We fly almost every week and he still asks us to put our hands up when we fly. I hope he never stops asking 🥰. #travelwithkids #flyingwithkids

♬ Glimpse of Us – Joji

The RV life isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely right for this homeschooling, traveling family. Through her account, you’ll get a glimpse into life raising an only child, marriage on the road and some thoughts about financial literacy, financial independence and how to experience luxury.

Black moms on TikTok who talk health 

9. Dr. Toya

Handle: @DrToyaObgyn

Number of Followers on TikTok: 8,921


Not every physician is board certified or even eligible to take the board exam. Some older docs were grandfathered into the Board but newer physicians must go through this process and maintain their certification yearly. #boardcertified #boardcertifiedobgyn #moc #obgyn #doctorsoftiktok #medtok

♬ original sound – Dr. Toya

As a board certified OB-GYN, Dr. Toya is considered a reliable resource.  Considering all the misinformation that sometimes finds its way onto social media and goes viral, that matters. Look to her for all credible answers to all your pressing pregnancy questions. Dr. Toya talks about everything from preeclampsia, prenatal supplements, what to expect during third trimester doctor appointments, how epidurals feel, IUD removal and more. The best part? She discusses her own pregnancy using her experience as a medical professional. 

10. Dr. Alexis

Handle: @dralexisstephens

Number of Followers on TikTok: 235.5K 


Dry or dehydrated skin? The new @versed Moisture Maker Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum can help hydrate skin quickly! #versedpartner #skincaretips #ad #dryskin

♬ original sound – Dr Alexis

This Black mom and dermatologist is your go-to for skincare needs. Catch her videos for tips on dealing with acne, discoloration, sun protection and questions about retinol. If you’re on a budget, you’ll enjoy finding various over-the-counter product recommendation videos to help you reach your skin care goals. 

Moms who talk about emotional well-being

11. Dr. Judith | Psychiatrist

Handle: @DrJudithJoseph

Followers on TikTok: 261.8K


Many parents worry about raising good and empathetic children. One of the most frustrating issues for parents involves stubborn behaviors around apologizing. When a child refuses to apologize, a parent worries that this child may have issues with empathy and compassion and that they did not raise the child properly. However, when the parent uses empathy, they may realize that forcing a child to apologize may also mean forcing a child to admit that they are somehow damaged and unworthy of love. When a child perceives punishment as rejection, they are less likely to agree. Some parents have found it more beneficial to teach a child how their behaviors impact or hurt others rather than forcing an apology. #raisingchildren #apologize

♬ Hard Knock Life – JAY-Z

If you are looking for a different perspective on common situations, you’ve found it. Utilizing role play, this mom and board-certified psychiatrist breaks down relatable situations to help viewers understand the psychology behind them in simple ways. Her easily digestible content and holistic approach have made her one of the top practicing psychiatrists in NYC. She even explains the reasons for sibling rivalry using the royal family as an example. 

12.  theshaniproject

Handle: @Theshaniproject

Number of Followers on TikTok: 478.3K

Shani is the real deal, and in each video, you can’t help but feel like she’s the friend you never had. Keeping in mind things such as identity and culture, she finds a way to create content that is relatable and provide teachable moments. Watch her say the quiet parts aloud when tackling the truths about being bisexual and married, self-care, friendships and more.  

Black moms on TikTok who will make you laugh


Handle: @ToyTalksToYou

Number of Followers on TikTok: 66.K

Toy is a veteran mom to teenagers and has made it clear that the best way to get through it all is by laughing and keeping it light, made clear by her bio, “Funny Mom Enjoying Life!” Her videos run the gamut from birthday celebrations, her experiences with homecoming for Greek life, and the affair she’s jokingly having with Amazon. And if you really want to perk up, look for her many relatable videos dancing to some infectious beats and dare yourself not to smile and dance along with her.  

14. msnewslady

Handle: @MsNewslady

Number of Followers on TikTok: 1.3M


When your aunt and uncle are news anchors

♬ original sound – msnewslady

The local news isn’t usually all that funny — nor are diaper explosions and sleepless nights with a baby. Yet, the combination of  “news anchor voice” and typical experiences in family life makes for some hilarious outtakes. Jeanette Reyes is a mother of one and a seasoned TV reporter.  This Black mom alongside her news anchor husband create videos describing the news industry, parenting with a village and a few Spanish lessons. 

15. gabeflowers

Handle: @gabeflowers2

Number of Followers on TikTok: 209.4K 

“Momming” may not always be fun and games, but this creator definitely makes it look like fun through comedic videos of everyday situations, pranks and more. And it helps when the whole family has rhythm, which is evident through several dance routines with the kids getting involved. However, it’s evident the kids get their moves from their parents who seem to have a knack for shaking it to a few Latin beats. Beyond dancing, you’ll find outfits of the day, grocery tips, and affirmations here and there. 

The Ultimate Mom

16. Tabitha Brown

Handle: @IamTabithaBrown

Number of Followers on TikTok: 5M

If you’ve been searching for a little sunshine in your TikTok feed, you’ll likely find it on Tabitha Brown’s page. Brown can be found on her YouTube channel teaching your kids and in Target sharing her vegan food line. On TikTok she’s giving you the life advice you didn’t know you needed to hear delivered with love and transparency. Brown’s bio proclaims that she is “the world’s favorite mom,” and it’s for good reason. Just like the mom you always needed, she’s everywhere you need her to be and seemingly all-knowing.