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Getting Messaged With Jobs And Then!

It's really a Trust Factor, and people are looking for a SERIOUS approach about tutoring them or their kids. Try putting yourself in their place. One client requested me three times after that no more interaction from them. So keep moving forward in the search!

Why Is It Parents Think We Can Live Off Of Less Then $5/hour?

I've been in Education field Decade now. You would be highly surprised how many people De-value Kid's education, but support other materialistic ideas like $800 smart phones in elementary school.

My Daughter Is Having Trouble In Math, Reading And Language?

Go back to all basic rules for math, reading, language. Use visual aides until she improves. is helpful up to 5th ways to learn are on this site.

What Are Your Views On Kumon? Is Repetitive Learning In Math Good For Kids?

Kumon is excellent! For 3 yrs. now my neice/nephew utilized it elementary school. Your finances must be good to maintain services with them. Kumon methods are research and result proven.

Can A Tutor Help My 2nd Grader With Reading?

Definitely! First, at home pick their favorite thing to do (choose natural talents) by going on sites like or abc mouse, or local library for book section. Second, What is the child's teacher recommending for his/her reading skills? please listen and do that. Then, the tutor... more

My Daughter Is Having Trouble In Math, Reading And Language?

Student's grasp to learn depends whether they are visual-must see it, audible-must hear the sound, or both must hear/see. Then totally physical meaning must see it, hear it, and have task demonstrated (academic video-youtubekids/abcya or try from others-peers doing same thing.

How Do I Know If It's Worth It To Keep Going With My Child's Tutoring?

When the student has withdrawn from it, and normal activities home/school/community; You will need to discontinue that tutoring service. Encourage by incentive ways to learn real life things/moments like at Sci Center, Aquarium, Museums, etc. Check for their free-discount visits being offered.

Homework Help Websites?

BrainFuse is popular. Check into library HW helper/chat also.