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These Are Boston’s 6 Best Mom Blogs

Sometimes you just want to read words from a mom who understands how to survive a New England winter and navigate Boston traffic.

These Are Boston’s 6 Best Mom Blogs

We live in the age of the mommy blog, and we’re not going to hide the fact that we love it. While some people play down parenting blogs as self-indulgent, we know that sometimes there’s nothing better than going online and reading about a fellow parent’s tough day or cringe-worthy toddler moment. Being able to catch up on your favorite mom blog is like checking in with a good friend — one who’s brutally honest and lets you know that it’ll all be OK because she’s had it worse!

What makes mom blogs truly special is that, because they focus specifically on “child care,” they also make great resources for child care professionals, too! So, no matter whether you’re looking for advice as a babysitter, a nanny, or even a mother’s helper, these mom blogs can help you out.

Checking out great mom blogs from around the country and around the world is nice, but we especially love it when we find solid local blogs. There’s just something comforting about knowing that someone’s living near you and experiencing the same unpredictable Boston weather and endless June rain that’s making the whole family stir-crazy. Luckily, Boston is home to numerous amazing mommy bloggers. The blogs we mention here will keep you entertained, up-to-date, and in the know when raising kids in Beantown.

Erstwhile Dear, by Rachael Ringenberg

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Image via Erstwhile Dear

At Erstwhile Dear, Rachael Ringenberg blogs about life with three kids in Boston. Her family of five lives in a 700-square-foot apartment in Beacon Hill, which makes Erstwhile Dear the perfect blog to visit if you want to learn about small space and minimalist living. (See more of the apartment here.) However, since a large part of staying sane with three little ones in a tiny apartment means getting out, Ringenberg also blogs regularly about day trips and weekend escapes. No matter what she’s writing about, her love for Boston is clear.

“I love living in Boston with kids because the city is totally walkable, the T is cheap and fun to ride with them, and the museums are family-friendly! If you have a car (and can be patient with the street parking) there are so many wonderful things to do in New England,” she says. “Children view each season as an adventure, so every three months it feels like we live in a new world. The playgrounds are each special in their own way and the parks are getting better every year.”

Dip into Rachael’s world by reading with Erstwhile Dear’s city living with kids manifesto and summer in Boston bucket list.

BostonTechMom, by Cyndi Reitmeyer

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Image via BostonTechMom

Cyndi Reitmeyer, the brain behind BostonTechMom, is one smart mama. The mom of two daughters is also a marketing and business development professional with a passion for technology. Through her blog, she hopes to share that love with moms and kids throughout Beantown.

“BostonTechMom provides a carefully curated selection of events, programs, and activities in Boston and throughout MA that expose children to technology in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way,” Reitmeyer says, adding that parents can find everything from camps to after-school programs and one-off special events on the site. “My goal is to be a credible resource for parents who want to inspire their kids to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and to help parents find high-quality programs and opportunities for their children. I encourage curiosity, hands-on learning, experimentation, and teamwork.”

If you’re raising little girls you’ll love Reitmeyer’s post “Why Your Daughter Should Be Part of a Robotics Team.” Also check out her post about viewing the solar eclipse that’s coming up in August.

Misadventures in Mommyhood, by Kristin Quinn

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Image via Kristin Quinn/Photography by KLC

Misadventures in Mommyhood is a nationally recognized blog that is based right here in Boston. Blogger Kristin Quinn is one of the funniest mommy bloggers around, and MIM — as the blog is affectionately known — is full of product reviews, giveaways, and info about local and national events that are perfect for parents. While all of that is great, the real focus of MIM is making mothers feel connected.

“Support comes by way of emotional writing where readers are constantly saying ‘I can relate,’” Quinn says.

If you’re preparing for a new baby, you’ll love her recent post “10 Things I Forgot About Having a Newborn.” Number 10? All that poop. “Newborns poop. A lot. Like every time they eat, they poop. (Can you imagine if adults did that?) Related: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I like the smell of newborn, breastfed poop! Reminds me of buttered popcorn,” Quinn writes in typical MIM style.

The Boston Day Book, by Laura Chassaigne and Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman

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Image via The Boston Day Book

We adore the Boston Day Book because this blog is about all aspects of life in Boston, not just parenting. Since it’s written by two sisters who happen to be moms, there is a lot of great info for parents. The other information, however, from weekend events to gourmet food stories, will remind you that a well-rounded life means indulging your interests outside motherhood, too. That’s exactly what authors Laura Chassaigne and Natalie Chassaigne Kurtzman aim to do themselves.

“It has been a delight for us to share the experience of becoming parents with our readers,” Chassaigne says. “We were both a bit intimidated by the prospect, and learned a lot from other people’s blogs. It is great to have the chance to share what we have learned with our readers, and also keep it real. As much joy as parenting is, it can also be hard, and it is important to know that others sometimes struggle too!”

If you or someone you know is expecting, check out the post about the ultimate baby registry for city living. If you’re feeling a bit sentimental, you have to read Kurtzman’s post “This Magical First Year,” which celebrates her initial year of motherhood.

“If I could tell myself one bit of advice for that late night last June it would be this,” she writes. “Take each passing moment as it comes, and then let it go. The good and the bad. The miracles and the scary parts in-between. It will strengthen you, and humble you, and at the end, you’ll be standing atop a mountain in the most beautiful sunshine-filled land — calluses, bruises, and more space within you than you ever thought possible.”

Domestikated Life, by Kate van Geldern Bowler

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Image via Domestikated Life

If you secretly aspire to Pinterest-worthy life, you’ll love becoming “Domestikated.” Kate van Geldern Bowler is a new mom, new homeowner, and old pro when it comes to DIY, home-cooked meals, and design. She’s also a former New Yorker, but we won’t hold it against her, since she turns her lens on Boston with such charming results.

“Domestikated Life’s goal is to make life entertaining,” Bowler says. “From mixing up fancy cocktails, to building the perfect cheese plate, to baking up my newest appetizer creation — I can always find a reason to celebrate.”

Although Bowler’s photos are perfect, she writes in an honest and relatable way that doesn’t sugarcoat the tougher parts of being a mom. Work-from-home parents will love her list of the best products and tools to help you work with a little one in tow. We also love this honest and forgiving post about working out after kids.

Oh, I Design, by Jessica Klein

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Image via Oh, I Design

If you want to learn about kid-friendly interior design in a way that is 100 percent relatable, you’ll love Jessica Klein’s writing at Oh, I Design. Klein writes about design (obviously), but also talks about motherhood, travel, skin care, and clean living, so there’s something for everyone on the blog. Of course, there’s a healthy dose of Boston love sprinkled into everything, since Klein is passionate about city living with littles.

“We also love the classes and activities that are offered throughout the city — whether it be music class, swim lessons, story time at the Public Library, or Toddler Town in Marina Bay,” she says.

We love Klein’s post about baby-proofing without compromising style. No gaudy baby-proofing gear to be found in this home!