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22 Signs That You’re a Dog Lover

Do you do any of these 22 things? Then you might be a full-blown dog lover!

Do you get super excited about all things dog-related? Or perhaps you spend way too much time watching funny doggie videos (when you should be working)? If so, you’re well on your way to classifying yourself as a full-blown dog lover.

Here are 22 signs that you’re crazy for canines:

  1. Your Dog’s Comfort Is More Important Than Your Own
    So much so that you’d rather let your limbs fall asleep than wake up your snuggling dog, who just happens to be laying right on top of you.
  2. You Love Doggie TV
    Even when your dog isn’t around, you find yourself switching over to the animal channel.
  3. You Have Customized Apparel
    You special ordered a T-shirt with your dog’s face on it.
  4. You Treat Your Pet Like Your Child
    Your dog has his own Christmas stocking — with his name embroidered on it.
  5. You Like Dogs More Than You Like People
    When you go to a party, you spend more time playing with the host’s dog than mingling with the human guests.
  6. You Wish He Could Talk
    Unfortunately, this isn’t possible, so you voice his potential thoughts out loud throughout the day.
  7. You Let Her Run Your Social Life
    When your pet gives you those puppy dog eyes, you’re always willing to cancel your plans. (Well, almost always.)
  8. You Love to Spoil Your Dog
    Every time you go to the pet store to buy food, you come back with a new toy.
  9. You Allow Him to Be Territorial
    You know not to sit in your dog’s designated spot on the couch.
  10. You Act a Little Too Cutesy
    Admit it. You’ve given your dog more nicknames than you’ve given your spouse.
  11. Your Dog’s Face Graces All of Your Devices
    The wallpaper on your phone, reader and tablet all feature your dog — not your partner or your kids.
  12. You’re a Canine Connoisseur
    Over the past few years, you’ve read more books on dog care than you did textbooks in college.
  13. You’re a Bit Too Sentimental About Your Furry Friend
    When you find a stray dog hair on your sweater, you leave it there so you can be reminded of your pet all day.
  14. You Own Doggie Steps …
    …and they stay next to your bed permanently.
  15. You Like to Coordinate Your Outfits
    Halloween = matching costumes.
  16. You’re a Bit Too Attached to His Stuff
    You can’t even manage to part with your pup’s broken toys.
  17. Your Dog Has His Own Instagram Account …
    … and he’s become a social media darling!
  18. She’s the Star of the Show
    Every year, your pup takes center stage on your holiday card.
  19. You Video Chat With Him on Vacation
    Even relaxing on the beach you have the pet sitter set up a video chat with your pooch.
  20. You’ve Thrown Your Dog a Birthday Party
    From the handwritten invitations to the four-layer cake, you went all out.
  21. Your Dog Is the Busy One
    When your calendar is filled with your dog’s playdates, you know that you prioritize her social life over your own.
  22. You Don’t Mind the Slobber
    The drool stains over your clothes make you laugh instead of cringe.

Whether one or all of these signs apply to you, there’s no doubt that you adore your pet, and that you love canines in general! And who can blame you? Dogs can fill your life with joy, companionship, laughter and love. Here are 10 Love Lessons to Learn from Your Pet.

Are you the ultimate dog lover? Tell us all about your pet in the comments!

Shahrzad Warkentin has an energetic rescue dog named Charlie. As a freelance writer, she has several years of experience covering pet care and health.