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Naomi C.|Lakewood, WA

$15-20/hr 6 yrs exp


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My experience: I have 4 younger siblings, and have helped care for them from a young age. -I've been changing diapers since the age of 7, when my sister was born. I have provided childcare for individuals, as well as for groups such as MOPS (mothers of preschoolers). I've cared for children from infant to preteen, and am comfortable with all ages. Activities: I like reading to kids, doing crafts, drawing, building forts, playing board games, imaginative games (though my imagination is not quite as good as the little one's), playing outside... pretty much anything the children like doing. I try to do more interactive things, rather than movies/TV/video games etc. I am more than willing to go on nearby outings to the park, library, etc. or go on walks. Comfort & discipline: Many times I have sat and held an unhappy child for a time, then encouraged them to play, or read a book, etc. When a child is disobedient, I speak with a quiet, firm voice of correction, and when needed, use timeouts, and loss of privileges, or toys taken away for a time. The only temper-tantrums I remember dealing with were by preschool children; in which case, I informed them that was not okay, placed them in timeout (on my lap, if need be) and then followed that up with talking about their behavior, and how they would deal with their emotions, or a given situation next time. Cooking/Meals. I am totally comfortable preparing meals for children. I do appreciate when the parent has a meal planned already, so that I don't have to figure out what to make, though I have done that as well. Bedtime/Bathing. I have given baths, and done bedtime routines, and am comfortable with both. Challenges/Rewards of babysitting: The most challenging part of being a babysitter is when the children do not obey or respond to correction. This is to be expected sometimes, of course, but it is nevertheless challenging, and forces me to prayerfully come up with other strategies to handle disobedience. As to the most rewarding part, I would say that is to love a child and be loved in return. I do enjoy caring for children, and hope to have my own someday. Emergency/CPR: I do not have CPR certification, but am willing to/desire to get it. I have references available upon request.
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