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Cassandra H.|Lakewood, WA

<$10-10/hr 3 yrs exp < 18 yrs old

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Hello! My name is Cassandra H. I was a baby sitter for Kristine R., who had three young children that I would watch over whenever she needed me. Unfortunately, now they're all grown up and no longer need me and I miss the job. Although, I didn't exactly work with children after that, I moved on to a theme park this last summer after receiving my drivers license (and car) and became a certified lifeguard. I am also currently in a parenting class, where I was required to take care of a mock-infant, which, surprisingly, brought out a very motherly side of me. In this class, I will be reviewing CPR and AR, although, I am still quite familiar with it along with many other life-saving techniques. In addition to this, I also volunteered at YMCA's summer day camp as part of their staff of 2009-2011 where I was able to work with multiple children at once and found it a very positive experience. As a current job, I have been working at a Hospital as a Cardiac ICU volunteer in order to associate myself with the hospital and its people, so that I may shadow a future potential position of my own as a Nurse Practitioner. As far as cleaning and cooking, I would gladly take up those tasks as well. Cooking is pretty much a hobby of mine, and, well, cleaning is something that I am always doing for people. When it comes to any task, including cleaning, I am very neat and efficient about the way I do them, so I can assure you there should be absolutely no disappointments. On a more personal note, I am always involved in some kind of sport (usually soccer), so I really enjoy competitiveness and playfulness-especially outdoors! As far as tutoring, I do not have any "payed" experience with that, but I can say that I am a National Honor's Society Member with a G. P. A. of a 3. 8 and enjoy helping teaching when I am given an opportunity. My best subjects are math, science, and English. In addition to baby sitting and tutoring, I am also very fond of animals and love to care for them as well. The only paid experience I have in that area is for one weekend this past November for Jeannie F. in Spanaway, but I had absolutely no issues with it. I have had several pets of my own, including my own dog and cats so I am quite familiar with the responsibilities that come with pets. If you would like any additional information, please feel free to contact me or any of my references. I look forward to hearing back from you and hope to be chosen as one of your candidates. Otherwise, I wish you luck with your new care giver!
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