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A Creative, Nurturing In-home Preschool!'s Photo

A Creative, Nurturing In-home Preschool!

13525 Brookgreen Dr, Dallas, TX

Starting at $150/wk


7:00 a.m. - 6:00
(Some flexibility with hours)

Exceptional care in a beautifully prepared environment at an AFFORDABLE rate. We are licensed by the State of Texas. You must see to appreciate, these photos truly do not do it justice.

Regular assessments to measure progress.

Individualized reading lessons.

Montessori math materials.

Open ended toys to maximize creativity.

Creative movement to stimulate playfulness and joy.

Curriculum is tailored specifically to meet the developmental needs of children currently in care. The program adapts the to children more than the children adapt to the program.

Includes stem activities, science experiments, shapes, rhyming skills, numbers and number values, letters and letter sounds, geometric shapes, introductory adding and base ten math values and more.

Central to the program is emotional awareness, social skills, manners, justice and compassion. The program is truly one of a kind.

In addition to a great collection of open ended materials for play, I also have a massive collection of materials used for teacher directed learning activities. I have provided this huge collection of toys and learning materials so that your preschooler can experience a rich tapestry of experiences during the hours when he or she is away from home.

My prepared environment provides plenty of opportunity for your child to learn at PLAY. Play is a frequently undervalued component of the preschool experience, but provides valuable learning and socialization opportunities. Play is a vital part of childhood. Nothing is more important to cognitive development.

Please email or contact us for more information or to schedule an interview.
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