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Legendary Black Belt Academy of Richardson's Photo

Legendary Black Belt Academy of Richardson

1980 Nantucket Dr, Suite 108, Richardson, TX

Starting at $75/wk

Learn. Grow. Love.

Legendary Black Belt Academy, in Richardson, Texas, is a family owned and operated martial arts school designed to give Richardson residents the tools they need for success and empower the members of our community to accomplish their life goals/dreams.

Our programs are designed to be fun, safe, energetic, family friendly, and to provide a motivational atmosphere for all of our members!!!

We offer classes for adults/teens (13+), kids (7+), "Little Dragons" (4-6), After-School martial arts (limited school pickup), Parent Night Out Events, Holiday Day Camps, Spring Break Camp, Summer Camps, and much more.....

Whether you are an adult that wants to improve your health and to learn self-defense.....

A parent who wants there child to learn life skills in a fun and safe environment......

Or a martial arts enthusiast....

We are the school for you! The instructors and owners are current and previous law enforcement who continually update and improve the system we teach to give the ABSOLUTE BEST training GUARANTEED.

Legendary Black Belt Academy is a National Martial Arts Alliance Affiliate, and teaches a blended martial arts system. Students learn, from current and former law enforcement, techniques from taekwondo, judo, and jujitsu in a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on fitness, self-defense, and practicality.

Our vision is to make our community safer by creating a "BLACK BELT MENTALITY" in our members and instilling life-skills that help improve the life of those around us.

Learn. Love. Grow.

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FAQs for finding day cares in Richardson

In 2021 what type of day care can I find near me in Richardson, TX?
There are a variety of daycares in Richardson, TX providing full time and part-time care. Some daycares are facility-based and some are in-home daycares operated out of a person's home. They can also vary in the degree of education and curriculum they offer. Additionally, some daycares offer bilingual programs for parents that want to immerse their children in multiple languages.
How can I find a day care near in Richardson, TX?
If you are looking for day care options near you, start several months in advance of when you need care for your child. has 81 in Richardson, TX as of October 2021 and you can filter daycares by distance from Richardson or your zip code. From there, you can then compare day care rates, parent reviews, view their specific services, see their hours of operation and contact them through the website for further information or to request an appointment.
What questions should I ask a day care provider before signing up?
As you visit day care facilities in Richardson, TX, you should ask the providers what their hours are so you can be prepared to adjust your schedule for drop-off and pick-up. Ask what items you are responsible for bringing for your child and what items you may be required to provide that will be shared among other children or the day care staff. Also, make sure to check directly with the business for information about their local licensing and credentials in Richardson, TX.