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Eden's Academy's Photo

Eden's Academy

3129 N. El Paso, Colorado Springs, CO

Starting at $45/day

Welcome to EDEN'S ACADEMY,
Our program works hand in hand with parents to help teach our little blessings the word of the Lord and practically prepare them for the future. We specialize in Biblical instruction, preschool prep(edu), music, arts & crafts,sports/fitness and botany. Your kids will get a nutritional breakfast, lunch and snack. We implement the four food groups, all natural veggies, fruits, meats and occasional treats.

I combine my extensive background in early childhood development with my passion for all things art to help guide young minds down the path to our Lord. I have found so much joy in watching many little hearts and minds develop skills that they will take through the rest of their lives.

BIBLE LESSONS:We teach basic and child friendly biblical themes to lay a
foundation of love, faith, and perseverance.

PRESCHOOL PREP:Our education program develops the essentials your child needs to enter the world of preschool and kindergarten. We pride ourselves on your child's future success with ABC's, 123's, and Spanish lessons.

MUSIC LESSONS:We offer a structured and fun atmosphere with a large collection of instruments so there is something for every child.

ARTS & CRAFTS:We offer a wide variety of arts and crafts to foster your child's creativity and biblical understanding.

DANCE/FINE MOTOR LESSONS:We offer dance lessons along with music & movement to establish mind-body development, not to mention it's adorable.

SPORTS & FITNESS:Here at Eden's Academy we believe that an active child thinks better, feels better, and at the end of the day is less likely to drive their parents crazy.

PLANTING SEEDS:Our seasonal botany program teaches our children to plant their own diverse, all natural source of food with a biblical twist. A portion of our garden harvest will go to Salvation Army.

My name is Haley. I am the Coordinator and Lead Teacher at Eden's Academy. I have over 12 years in Early Childhood Education as well as an Associates Degree in Medical. I am trained in CPR, First Aid, BBP to ensure your child's safety every day.

Though I run the program we are a team and family.
Included in the program is:
William-Ordained Pastor/ Christian Musician/RN
Erica-E.C.E Certified Infant/Toddler Supervisor and Art Instructor with 24 years experience in the childcare field.
James-Child Art Specialist/M.D.
Michael-former Athlete/Fitness Trainer/Artist
Jessica-Art Degree/Employee-Philly Art Museum
E-my son and inspiration

Have a blessed day
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