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Little Loves Early Learning Center's Photo

Little Loves Early Learning Center

6454 Simms Street, Arvada, CO

Starting at $60/day

"Infusing Wellness, Nature and Play Back Into Learning." We have found that many early learning programs have taken "real life learning" out of the classroom and replaced it with "sit-and-drill" and testing. We are determined to put it back in! We are so excited to extend our new adventure to you and your family! The doors officially opened in Mid-August 2013! Little Loves Early Learning Center is a culmination of a deep teaching passion and extensive planning. We are dedicated to create a childcare center that offers an opportunity to bring wellness, nature and play back into the classroom. We have created an Outdoor Exploratory Classroom! This outdoor space is complete with outdoor art, a music fence, mud-kitchen, "loose parts" nature construction zone, community garden, and plenty of climbing for large and small motor skill development. As part of our "Wellness" focus, we teach the whole child. Our center will allow children to celebrate learning through exploration, music, sports, wonder and the arts. Keeping this in mind, we offer daily exposure to projects that include, "little artists," "little athletes," "little musicians," "little dancers," "little yoga lovers," and more! We also offer an amazing (6000 sq. ft.) outdoor explore space that will be an extension of our classroom. If your child loves the outdoors and your family values health and wellness... you owe it to yourself to check out this program! Additionally, at Little Loves your child will have a large outdoor enclosed "Sport Zone" that will allow for bikes, balls and bouncy kiddos to stay healthy and active! The power of movement and sunshine will be valued at Little Loves! Little Loves is a center that will develop the whole child. We have designed it to inspire growth intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. Our center is grounded by a staff that embodies the same vision. As owners, with an extensive background in early childhood, as well as teaching in the Kindergarten classroom, we are very aware of the expectations for "kindergarten readiness" and parents can rest assured that we will make it a top priority. We also understand that once your child starts kindergarten the "Sit-n-Drill" learning and "extreme testing" will begin... we are here, in the meantime, to create an environment that will inspire growth and learning in a structured yet joyful, exploratory setting. We are thrilled that you took the time to check out Little Loves Early Learning Center!

Foundations Early Childhood Education

12401 W. 58th Ave, Arvada, CO

Costimate: $267/wk

Foundations Early Childhood Education is an educational based child care center. Kristen started working with children 10 years ago and knew instantly that not only did she love being around children, but she loved educating young children. Through Kristen's experience she learned not only many techniques of teaching young children, but explored her personal style and what means most to her. Most importantly, Kristen learned that as long as children's needs are met and they are shown love in every situation, they are capable of learning vast amounts at a young age.

Foundations Early Childhood education is a privately owned, family run business. We strive to create a "home" atmosphere for all children, families and employees. Even though children are taught skills that will prepare them for elementary school and the rest of their lives, each child and family is shown love and compassion.

Our purpose is to teach all children a love of learning at a young age. We believe that providing children with the skills they need to succeed happens at an early age. Not only do we strive to teach children academic skills at a young age, we strive to teach them social emotional skills. It is our purpose to instill a strong foundation of academic knowledge, self respect, the respect of others and a love of learning.

We believe that children learn through exploration and structured hands-on learning. It is the teacher's job to offer opportunities for each child to learn. We believe that every child is able to succeed if they are taught a love of learning and developmentally appropriate academic and social skills. Teaching to the child, rather than the group, is key in laying the foundation to create successful, life-long learners.

Lunch and Snacks:
Foundations believes that families should be able to choose and guide what their child eats for lunch. In many cases, families have put restrictions in place regarding certain foods. This is why Foundations allows each family to prepare a lunch for their child and bring it to school. Our classrooms are set up to allow families to bring lunch items that need to be heated up (soup, spaghetti, etc).
Foundations knows that one of the busiest times of day for families is in the morning. Not only do we recognize each family has to get at least one child ready for their school day, but they have to get themselves ready for work as well. This is why Foundations will offer a choice to each family as well.

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FAQs for finding preschools in Arvada

In 2021 what types of preschool can I find near me in Arvada, CO?
There are two main types of preschool programs you can send your kids to in Arvada, CO. The first is a full-time preschool program that usually works well for parents working full-time shifts. The second is a part-time preschool program where you can enroll your child for 2-3 days per week and typically choose between a morning or afternoon shift. A part-time preschool can be a great option if you want to ease the transition of this new learning experience for your child. You can also check your options in Arvada, CO for traditional preschool centers, or private home-based preschools.
What should I look for in a good preschool program in Arvada, CO?
When you begin looking for preschools in Arvada, CO ask about the ratio of learning time to supervised play time so you can get a good sense of whether you believe your child's needs will be met. From there, ask about what a typical day consists of, what the safety protocols are and how discipline will be handled. Also, make sure to check directly with the preschool for information about their local licensing and credentials in Arvada, CO.
How can I find a preschool near me in Arvada, CO?
There are currently 55 preschools in Arvada, CO on and you can filter these local results by distance from your zip code. From there, you can compare between preschool programs by traditional facility-based preschools and private, in-home preschools. Be sure to check reviews from other families in Arvada, CO who have previously sent their kids to any of the preschools you are interested in.