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English tutors in Arvada, CO

Cassie H.'s Photo

Cassie H.

Arvada, CO

$21/hr8 yrs exp

5th Grade Teacher



Background Check

I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2015 and have taught grades 4-8 since! I have been teaching 5th grade for the last 5 years and I have seen the impact of COVID firsthand as well as all other societal events that have impacted our schools and want to help kids catch back up and be successful in the years to...
"Cassie is an amazing person and teacher! She is so kind and givers her absolute all to everything she does! She is phenomenal at her job as a teacher. "

Reviewed by Care member

Victoria W.'s Photo

Victoria W.

Arvada, CO

$25-35/hr10 yrs exp

Spanish Tutor, English Language Arts Homework Help, & College Admissions Preparation)

Background Check

I am a former Spanish Teacher where I spent three years teaching middle Spanish at the beginner level, as well as in a dual-language immersion school. Additionally I have three years of experience working with U. S high school students abroad in Spanish on Spanish Language Immersion programs. As a non-native speaker I understand...
Jacob E.'s Photo

Jacob E.

Arvada, CO


Teacher Of Understanding

Background Check

I graduated Jefferson Academy with a high GPA while taking AP and concurrent enrollment courses. My favorite subjects to learn and teach are math and science, specifically related to engineering. I prefer to ensure that students understand the knowledge and can apply it rather than simply memorizing problems.
Rebecca C.'s Photo

Rebecca C.

Arvada, CO

$21-26/hr4 yrs exp

Mathematics Teacher/tutor

Background Check

As a mathematician, I enjoy solving real problems that can impact the world. I know that the opportunity to tutor would be a job I could actively apply analytical thinking and problem solving towards creating academic progress in student's lives. My studies have equipped me with a thorough understanding of probability and...
Kaliena G.'s Photo

Kaliena G.

Arvada, CO

$30-45/hr4 yrs exp

Kindergarten/Early Elementary Teacher

Background Check

Hello, I love helping students reach their full academic potential. I am a experienced teacher of kindergarten for four years. I also love helping with algebra and higher writing and reading skills. I believe that every child learns differently, so each tutoring experience will be custom designed to fit your child's needs. I...
Chelsea E.'s Photo

Chelsea E.

Arvada, CO

$22-27/hr3 yrs exp

Background Check

I been a professional academic tutor for both St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) as well as Boulder Valley School District (BVSD). I have also been an after school care leader in the SVVSD for 2 years. I can work with students from 5 years of age to 14 years of age. My previous experience has had me work primarily with...
Josh F.'s Photo

Josh F.

Arvada, CO

$20-50/hr10 yrs exp

I'm Here To Make You Pass!

Background Check

I am currently building a new tutoring business for myself, using my 10+ years of experience, teaching mathematics. My bachelors and masters are both in Math in Education. Primarily, I value growing a student's confidence in math, and second using their own way of thinking to lead them to correct solutions. No student learns the...
Addison L.'s Photo

Addison L.

Arvada, CO

$20-25/hr4 yrs exp

After School Tutor

Background Check

I work as a para in a Middle School for APS. I have knowledge of the current methods and topics being taught in schools. I am able to scaffold information down until understanding is met. I have a decade of experience working with children of many ages through babysitting, tutoring, interpreting and working in various classrooms...
Crystal W.'s Photo

Crystal W.

Arvada, CO

$45-70/hr10 yrs exp

Certified Teacher Offering Tutoring For Elementary Age Students

Background Check

Hello! My name is Crystal and I am a certified Elementary School Teacher with years of experience teaching systematic phonemic awareness and phonics lessons to students. I have helped many children become successful readers and use the program, Orton Gillingham, to help guide my instruction. I keep engagement high by creating...
Dianne C.'s Photo

Dianne C.

Arvada, CO

$25-30/hr10 yrs exp

Tutor - Experienced Professional For Reading, Language Arts, Math, Beginning Spanish

Background Check

I am a former 1st and 2nd grade teacher, who enjoys helping children of all ages achieve academic success. I have been tutoring for over 10 years. I teach reading by phonics and have a 100% success rate helping students learn to read with ease. It is always my goal to make learning for students a very pleasant experience.
Emily W.'s Photo

Emily W.

Arvada, CO

$10-20/hr1 yrs exp

College Student Studying Special Education

Background Check

I am a Junior at University. I am studying special education with an emphasis in behavior. I excel in English, social studies, and reading. I have taken classes that have required me to help in the classroom with students who are behind and do private tutoring lessons for children that have a delay. I love being able to help...
Anna S.'s Photo

Anna S.

Arvada, CO

$10-15/hr4 yrs exp

Elementary And Middle School Tutor

Background Check

I am a high school senior in the top 10% of my class, and I have been tutoring children for four years. I have tutored for a family with two children in elementary school from kindergarten through fifth grade. As well as various middle school children at an after school program at the YMCA. I love children and feel that I can...
Logan M.'s Photo

Logan M.

Arvada, CO

$30/hr2 yrs exp

Background Check

I am an alumni at Colorado State University that has a BS in Chemical and Biological engineering and a BS in Biomedical Engineering. I have experience in tutoring algebra, trigonometry, calculus 1-3, biology, chemistry, and English. I like to take an easy straight forward approach to teaching that ensures that the student has a...
Abigayle L.'s Photo

Abigayle L.

Arvada, CO

$18-23/hr4 yrs exp

Tutor/Yoga Teacher/ Personal Trainer

Background Check

I graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Psychology and within the School of Education for Elementary Education. I am also a certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor. I am extremely passionate about health, fitness, education, and overall well being while making all of this as fun as possible!
Alicia M.'s Photo

Alicia M.

Arvada, CO

$15-20/hr1 yrs exp

Childcare And Tutoring

Background Check

Worked at a center for special needs individuals for 6 months and last 6 months as a sped-para at an elementary school. Do one-on-one in class work with students that are struggling, behind or special needs.
Kelly E.'s Photo

Kelly E.

Arvada, CO

$41-55/hr6 yrs exp

Happy And Experienced Tutor

Background Check

My name is Kelly E and I am an educator in Denver, CO. I have been both a classroom teacher and an interventionist. Currently, I am the MTSS coordinator for my school and oversee all intervention practices as well as coaching teachers. I have a Master's in the Arts of Teaching. My love for seeing the spark, that moment of...
Lisa Maria B.'s Photo

Lisa Maria B.

Arvada, CO


German Native Speaker!

Background Check

I was born and raised in Austria. I am fluent - and studied German language/ grammar and phonetics at the Karl Franzens University in Austria. I am currently raising my own daughter bilingual!
Jaime P.'s Photo

Jaime P.

Arvada, CO

$50-80/hr7 yrs exp

Compassionate, Creative, And Experienced Private Educator

Background Check

Hi there, My name is Jaime P. and I am a passionate and experienced educator. I have always had a passion for teaching and I believe that learning can happen anywhere, anytime, about anything. A good teacher can marry the interests, curiosities, and aspirations of their students with challenging, developmentally-appropriate, and...
Ella J.'s Photo

Ella J.

Arvada, CO

$21-26/hr1 yrs exp

Enthusiastic 18 Year Old Ready To Help!

Background Check

Hello! My name is Elle and I have always loved helping people. I am currently a Math tutor as well as teach algebra to freshman in the mornings! Thanks for checking out my profile!
Constantine V.'s Photo

Constantine V.

Arvada, CO

$19-24/hr1 yrs exp

Friendly And Positive Minded Male (34)

Background Check

I have lost my day job do to the pandemic and taking this opportunity to help kids that have also been affected by the pandemic. I have been tutoring my two nieces for the half year while their parents worked. I taught sailing for 7-15-year-olds for 5 years. This taught me a lot about how to communicate with kids. Example the...

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