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Connections Early Learning And Development Llc

1848 S Yank Pl, Lakewood, CO

Starting at $210/wk

My name is Kerry Aldrich. I have been providing licensed home child care since February of 2000. I began child care when my daughter was 18 months old to offer socialization and daily structure. I was working on a degree in business at the time, when my child care began to grow with more children, including another one of my own. I began to understand more about child development, becoming fascinated by the process and increasing my desire to be a part of it. I realized that child care would be my future and to support this realization, I switched my degree choice from business to early childhood education and have been working, providing home child care, ever since.

While working with children, I have found that I possess a natural ability to understand children, enabling me to communicate and positively guide them in support of their growth and learning. I have learned that it helps children to have a flexible daily routine with a rotation of teacher facilitated activities and child-directed learning. I have learned that children of all ages love to socialize, even infants, so do well in a group with others of varied ages, and best with a preschool group of five or six, in addition to the infant/toddler(s) under two. A group of this size allows children to play in pairs or small groups, enables them to work with different ages and personalities, and allows for more social chioces during child-directed learning, keeping the children excited for, and engaged in, the entire day's activities. I have learned that all children are unique and should be appreciated for their individualism, helping them gain a positive, strong self-esteem.

As a caregiver, I am not only responsible for each child's basic care needs, but supporting their cognitive, language, fine/gross motor, social/emotional development. To meet this responsibility, I provide daily activities within a wholesome environment. I provide deliberately selected age-appropriate materials made available for use, at all times, encouraging exploration, fulfilling each child's interests, and challenging their thinking. I offer questions and guidance to further their awareness, expanding their language while tapping into their curiosity and helping them gain problem-solving skills. I offer encouragement to reward the children's trials and achievements, and sensitivity to cater to their feelings while growing through the different ages and stages of early life and learning.

My education along with years of experience has helped me to create a program that helps each child thrive in all aspects of child development while having fun!

*degree in early childhood education
*director's certificate
*Colorado shines quality rating of 4 stars
*meals and snacks following the USDA guidelines and recommendations
*preschool curriculum following Colorado's early learning and development guideline
*High Scope observational assessment twice per year for children 2 years or older.
*part-time and drop-in care offered when available, with interview, all paperwork, and enrollment
*Experienced provider license
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