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Nanny/Autistic Care Giver

Full Time
Seeking FULL TIME NANNY for 9-year-old high functioning autistic boy 8-year-old sister, Mt. Vernon, IL. The ideal candidate must have a flexible schedule, be non smoker (and non vaporer), drug free, has good hygiene and dependable transportation. Must agree to back ground check and drug test if requested. I am in the professional entertainment industry and need to travel from time to time for work, or I work from home for long hours. I am a single mom. I need a Nanny for my 2 younger children, but I have 3 older children that are also available as a resource in my absence however they have their own "lives". Typical hours could be: Weekday mornings to assist children to get to school (7-8am), after school most weekdays until bedtime (3-9pm), and most weekends (varied hours). Hours will be no less than 30 hours a week and can be over 40 at times. At least 2 days a week off, varied from week to week. Wages are negotiable depending on experience. Duties will include but will not be limited to: -Initiating and encouraging adherence to a daily schedule -Promoting and teaching good hygiene practices, such as hand washing -Preparing nutritious meals and snacks -Doing the children's laundry, and teaching the children these skills -Keeping the children's areas neat and clean, and teaching the children these skills -Transporting children to and from activities, the library and appointments-must have insured vehicle -Providing age-appropriate crafts, technology time and activities -Hosting and/or attending play groups -Implementing and/or maintain the child's nightly routine -Reading to the children -Creating a safe environment for the children to freely explore -Creating a nurturing environment -Disciplining children when appropriate in a manner consistent with parents philosophy -Fostering independence, as age-appropriate -Supervising and assisting with homework -Modeling and teaching good manners and language skills -Modeling and teaching responsible citizenship, including volunteering in the community -Provide basic first-aid, as required -Administer medications, as specially directed -Ensuring the children spend adequate time outdoors -Serving as a trusted companion to the children. If interested in this position, please call for an interview.
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