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Hands-on Care Needed For My Grandmother In West Richland

Full Time
About who needs care: Joan is 86 years old and has been living independently (in West Richland) since my grandpa passed away 6 years ago. She was hospitalized last week, due to a UTI that progressed into a kidney and liver infection. She was released from the hospital on Tuesday and I've been staying with ever since (I live in Portland though). She has made so much progress since I first arrived. I found her in a very weak state, she had no appetite and needed assistance showering (the hospital never walked her or bathed her during her stay). She was also using a walker to get around, per the docs recommendation, as the antibiotics she was prescribed had a possible dizziness side affect. This was all SO new to me, as she has always been mobile and sharp, so observing her in this state was quite shocking. Anyway, she is on the mend but I am concerned about her maintaining her health once I'm gone and am worried that she will fall into a sedentary pattern and, if food is not readily available, that she will skip eating altogether. She has always been resistant to exercising on her own, unless it's in a physical therapy setting. So - I am looking for someone to come on a consistent weekly schedule (whether it be every day during the week, or every other day - this is TBD) to serve as her body coach / motivate and assist her through light exercise (mostly walking but I could also provide light exercise routines for you guys) in the comfort of her own home and also to help her meal prep / make sure she is eating. I fear that she will deteriorate quick and not be able to sustain her independent lifestyle if we don't arrange something like this soon. About the care needs: Outgoing, optimistic, kind, high attention to detail, funny, motivational... all ideal characteristics. :) I would love to have someone who is passionate about cooking/nutrition and exercise. Added bonus would be a lover of music, piano, sewing, & bird watching. Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, companionship, and mobility assistance.
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