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Seven Branches Academy's Photo

Seven Branches Academy

180 Mullinax Rd, Alpharetta, GA

Costimate: $208/wk

Our mission is to offer a Christian School where faith and values are an important part of your child's educational learning experience. One of the best ways to teach is by example. Our teachers will display and encourage the seven virtues that Seven Branches is founded on: love, sharing, respect, morality, responsibility, faith and patience.

We offer care and educational programs for Infants 6 weeks to 4 years, Private Pre-K, After School Care, and Summer and Holiday Camps.

Our Core Curriculum:
ABeka Book uses Christianity and the Bible in its lessons, providing an excellent academic foundation and character training.

ABeka Book:
Phonics will teach listening, obeying, respect, reading, memorizing, thinking, analyzing, organizing, etc.

Reading and Literature will teach your child to do his/her best, build a foundation for independent learning, apply themselves to the task at hand, comprehend what is read, understand, love, and appreciation of others.

Math will teach precision, logic, order, going from concrete skills to abstract skills. In Science they will learn to classify, analyze, and quantify. History and Geography knows there is an objective meaning to the event of history, as well as an understanding that geography is the description of the earth in relation to God's purpose for creating it.

Creative Curriculum: is incorporated within each class and used to provide a learning environment based on your child's needs.

Character Building is part of our daily teaching and learning. Our teachers will strive to maintain a structured classroom.

We provide healthy balanced meals, using fresh fruits and vegetables in season, or frozen when not in season. Most items on our menu are made from scratch, not processed meals.
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