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Top 20 Cities and Rates from Care.com

Families: When deciding how much to pay for a caregiver for your family member or loved one, it's important to offer fair, competitive caregiver rates or senior care rates. After all, you're investing in the person who is taking care of the person you love. There are many factors that influence the cost of a caregiver, including location, skill level and the type of care your loved one needs. Use the going rates below to help determine the proper hourly wage to pay in your city.

Professional caregivers and senior caregivers: Use the going rates below to help determine how much to charge for caregiver services where you live.

Pay Rates for Top Cities

City Caregivers Senior care
Houston, TX $16.50/hr $16.25/hr
Brooklyn, NY $21.75/hr $21.50/hr
Chicago, IL $20.50/hr $20.00/hr
Los Angeles, CA $21.50/hr $21.75/hr
Miami, FL $21.25/hr $19.75/hr
New York, NY $21.25/hr $21.00/hr
Philadelphia, PA $19.75/hr $19.50/hr
San Diego, CA $22.00/hr $22.25/hr
Phoenix, AZ $19.75/hr $19.50/hr
Orlando, FL $18.25/hr $17.50/hr
Fort Lauderdale, FL $19.75/hr $18.75/hr
Las Vegas, NV $18.75/hr $18.75/hr
Denver, CO $23.50/hr $23.00/hr
Dallas, TX $19.00/hr $18.50/hr
Seattle, WA $24.50/hr $24.50/hr
Austin, TX $21.00/hr $19.75/hr
Atlanta, GA $18.75/hr $18.50/hr
San Antonio, TX $17.00/hr $16.50/hr
Tampa, FL $19.50/hr $17.75/hr
Jacksonville, FL $18.50/hr $18.00/hr

What impacts pay rates

Several factors can impact what you pay from type of care to location. First calculate your basic pay rate. Then adjust your rate as needed with the factors listed below.

Amount of care

  • Do you need a live-in nurse, part-time caregiver or just the occasional helper?
  • If you only need part-time help, is it for the same days and times each week?

Geographical location

  • Major metropolitan areas tend to have higher rates than rural areas.
  • Suburbs can also have higher rates than rural areas, especially if they serve a large commuter population and are near a major city.

Additional responsibilities

  • Asking your caregiver to help with things like transportation may increase costs or require reimbursement.
  • Basic tidying up and day-to-day functions may be included in your rate-just be sure your caregiver knows what your expectations are.


  • Experienced caregivers get paid more than those with less experience. Paying more for experience can get you someone who better fits your needs.
  • Hiring someone with specific certifications or licensing (such as licensed social workers) may cost more.