At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2007
Total Employees: 2-10

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At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.
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Addison T
We absolutely love Ms. Sandra, her team and her family! I was such a nervous first time mom, but the second we toured we knew our 3 month old would be safe and cared for. Our son was clearly so loved by Sandra and it made dropping him off in the morning so easy! The only reason we left is because we moved to another city, but if we had stayed we imagined our son staying with Sandra until school age. I cannot recommend her more! Take it from a VERY nervous first time mom, you baby/child will be loved and cared for well at Sandra's!
My son is currently going to Sandra's daycare and he is always happy to stay. He is loved and cared for so I always feel he is safe, and in a clean environment. He receives stimulation, his meals and snack are healthy and has made little friends as he develops his social skills in a family environment. We love Sandra!
My 21 month old LOVES coming here. Sandra is great, and I am so excited my daughter is learning both Spanish and English. There are times I come to pick her up and she doesn't want to leave. It's so comforting to know I'm leaving my child in good hands.
Daniela G
Our 19 month old son absolutely loves going to Sandra's Daycare! She has a gentle and loving approach to her care and we've been very happy with our sons progress since starting. We discover new abilities weekly. His vocabulary has boomed in both English and Spanish. He's able to identify and call out colors without prompt and has begun counting on his own.

The daycare itself is great. Sandra has a large fenced in back yard and a very comfortable room onside for the kids to play and learn.
Sandra has been so wonderful with our daughter. You can really tell she is being taken care of by how happy she is there. The play area is fun, educational, and very clean. Sandra even potty trained my daughter and she is not even two yet!!! It was something I was not even sure when or where to start...Sandra took charge and gave my husband and I tips. The backyard is fenced in and has a great playground setting so the children can run around. I am happy for my daughter to get a lot of outdoor time weather permitting. My daughter has also increased her vocabulary since she started going here and is talking up a storm :) I was worried about leaving my child with someone new, but we are happy to have her at this daycare and I'm confident she is in good hands.
T. B
My daughter has been at Mrs. Sandra's day care since she was 7 weeks old and she will be 4 in September. It has been a blessing knowing that our daughter is safe, happy and learning daily!! Her staff is also highly skilled and completes the loving, friendly, family atmosphere that you will find there!! Kudos goes out to Mrs.Sandra and her awesome TEAM!!
Jackie B
Sandra and her daycare is simply the best!! The price and location can't be beat and that doesn't even touch on Sandra and her staff. They are all so wonderful with the kids and my son immediately took to all of them. They are patient, kind and so thoughtful with the kids! They love them like the kids are their own. From the day we started taking our son, we immediately felt like we were a part of a big family. My son started when he was around 16 months and the transition was super easy! He is so well taken care of and sometimes it's even a fight for me to take him home in the evening! The meals are great (my son eats everything they serve - AMAZING!), they help potty train and the backyard is huge with tons of toys, a swingset, and it's fenced in! Sandra has parties for the kids and even occasionally offers to watch the kids on a Friday night for a parent's night out! Going to Sandra's daycare was the best and easiest decision we have made in regards to our son's care.
Amanda D
Sandra and her daycare are a true blessing for us. My daughter started when she was 3 months and now she's almost 3 years old. I couldn't say enough good things about the daycare. She's a true life saver and is so much more than daycare, Sandra is a part of the family. Thank you for all that you do!
Kate S
My son has been going to Sandra's daycare for half a year already. Since he started attending, I noticed a big improvement in his social skills. He has thrived in a warm and caring environment. Now he enjoys spending time there. Every morning when I drop him off, I know my son is in good hands because he is treated as a family there.
My son has been going here for a few months now and his social skills have improved so much! He loves coming everyday and his speech has improved immensely since he's been here. He loves his teachers and they care for him like their own. It's hard for me to trust others but I trust them completely and never worry when he's there. Also this daycare is the cleanest I've seen and that's important to me.
Sandra has helped our son grow and thrive. He is only two and because of Sandra and her team, he knows all his colors, numbers, letters and is speaking amazingly well, and he started potty training with her guidance. We are especially happy at how much Sandra helps kids to learn respect for others, playing nicely, use good communication, and on top of all this, be loving. Sandra does everything with love and her kindness is evident through how sweet and polite the kids are.
When we looked for a place to send our child, we were terrified and unsure. We chose Sandra because we immediately felt warm and safe in her home, and the biggest thing was all the kids were smiling. They were having so much fun with her! They were playing games and laughing when we went to visit. Every day is like this when I pick up my son. He's always happy to go. It's so reassuring to know that my son is safe and loved. I hated leaving him but I realize now he needed to thrive among other kids. At Sandra's he does!
Sandra and her assistants are truly a second family for my son. He began attending at 18 months old as a shy, timid child. With her love and expertise, he has blossomed into a social child who has friends and other trusted adults in his life.

Sandra has exposed my child to new foods (and gotten my picky eater to try them!), takes the children outside daily if the weather permits, and enriches their days with art, music, stories, and games. We love her & her assistants!
The D
Where to start? Our family must have searched for what seemed like months in search of the "perfect" childcare provider. Some might say that one doesn't exist. Our family knows better.
Sandra and her team are as close to perfect as you'll find. We have been lucky enough to have our first child with her since she turned one. Sandra has helped her meet many milestones well ahead of schedule. How, you might ask? With kindness, love, respect and many other countless qualities that you simply won't find anywhere else. We feel totally comfortable dropping in for coffee on a Friday and chatting about our child's progression. We can stop in early on any afternoon unannounced and watch our child not only learn, but have some of the best times of her life while doing so.
We have picked our child up with crafts and other fun projects a number of times. Further, each and every afternoon our child greets us with a smiling face, but doesn't always want to leave - which is what really tells me she is more than just a paycheck. Not to mention, she was potty trained by THE BEST. She's not even two and she's going days - and sometimes weeks - without an accident.
We won't hesitate to recommend Sandra to anyone. Now that we have welcomed our second child, we know exactly where to go for the best care.
Thank you so much, Sandra! Not only for what you've done for our family, but for also welcoming us into yours. You are truly a blessing!
Jackie Z
Our son went to Sandra's from 4 months until 3 when he started preschool and I can't say enough good things. Sandra taught him how to get along with friends and work well in a daycare setting all while treating him like family. Sandra went above and beyond in countless ways when my husband was deployed and even still when we get in a bind! I would recommend her to any of my friends!
When our daughter was two years old my husband and I were looking for a new daycare since we had recently relocated. We visited several daycares but had a hard time finding provider that we felt comfortable with. Upon meeting Sandra, we felt immediately at ease and knew that she was the right person to care for our daughter.

Sandra is kind and loving. The kids that she cares for truly enjoy spending time with her. Sandra is extremely reliable. During the three years that she cared for our daughter, she never to called last minute to say that the daycare would be closed on a given day. Having an assistant allows Sandra to divide the children to groups in order to participate in age appropriate activities. She provides homemade meals and nutritious snacks. Sandra's house has a big backyard that the children fully enjoy when the weather permits.

Our daughter is now in kindergarten but Sandra still takes care of her from time to time on the weekend or on days when there is no school. We consider Sandra as part of our family now and we feel lucky to have found her.
Amanda D
As a first time mom I was so worried about leaving my daughter with anyone else. The first day I met Sandra she made me feel at ease. She was so welcoming and you could tell she really loves what she does. During the first few weeks she sent me pictures of my daughter assuring me that we made the right choice. Being that I'm a first time mom she has really helped my family with so many different things. There's no question that she doesn't have an answer for. Sandra is way more than my child's caregiver she is like family and I don't know what we'd do without her. I would highly recommend Sandra and her day care to anyone. Thank you so much for all that you do.
Both my kids attended Sandra's daycare from the ages 9mo until they left to go to preschool. While my kids were under her care I was the least stressed about how my kids were cared for. I found her to be a warm, patient, very affectionate person distributing hugs and showering the kids with love, paying extra attention to those who needed it and being equally strict (without crossing any boundaries) when needed. Not to forget the delicious home-cooked meals she serves. Being vegetarian I was initially concerned about what my kids would eat and if I would have to provide food for my kids. Sandra put my worries to rest as she made fresh and warm vegetarian meals just for them. Both my boys learnt a lot from the mixed age group of kids as they got to interact with kids their age and care for the younger ones. I also appreciate that she introduced and taught them Spanish - a second language for them. For Sandra, running the daycare is not just a job it is about building relationships and over the last 6 years that I've known Sandra she has become a part of my family as much as we have become a part of hers. I highly recommend her for your day care needs and will continue send mine to her as long as I need care.
We have been with Sandra since my 3 year old son was 5 weeks old. When I started to look for daycares I must have gone to over 15 home daycares and out of the 15, only 2 caught my interest. I really pushed for a home daycare because I wanted my son to be cared for, as if we were home with him. I didnt want to feel like he was 1 of 7 babies who spent all his day in a crib. We chose Sandra for her inviting personality when we first met her. She texted me pictures that first week of my son since I was so anxious. Through my first few weeks I really started to feel like we joined an extension of our family instead of just putting my son in daycare. My son started going to her part time and was completely flexible with us. He now goes full time and always comes home with stories of what they did in school. My 14 month daughter has now started going full time since June and my 3 month old goes part time. I made all the baby food for my children and I love the fact that Sandra cooks for the children. How many 3 year olds ask for Sopa (Chicken Soup) and Tortillas. She helped my son with potty training with her "Potty Training Boot Camp" and usually is able to get children completely potty trained in two weeks (as long as you do what she does at home). I could go on with multiple examples of how she has taken care of my family and I but if you choose Sandra you won't go wrong. Your children will be taken care of and come home super excited about what they did each day!
My child has been with Sandra since 3 months old and he has thrived in her care over the past year. Sandra and her assistants are very loving and patient towards the children and don't hesitate to give affection and hold the smaller ones when needed. I mention this because other caregivers of my colleagues have complained about their babies wanting to be held too much?!? As others have noted, Sandra serves nutritious food, has a great outside space for the kids when the weather is nice and the indoor space has good sunlight. I feel lucky to have found Sandra and am confident that my son is safe and well-loved each day in her care.
Words can't explain how impressed I am with Ms. Sandra. She is warm,friendly and professional and my 7 week baby girl at the time took right to her. She is great with texting updates and pictures throughout the day, which is an added bonus for me. I am 100% confident every day that my baby girl now 8 months is in good hands. Her love and compassion are genuine and I can not recommend her highly enough!!
My daughter started coming to Sandra a year & a half ago at the age of three. Finding Sandra was a mere fluke & one of the best things that has ever happened to my family. My daughter has thrived since starting with her. A few of the many things that I love about Sandra's daycare is that she genuinely loves her kids & makes a special connection with each & everyone of them. She gives them plenty of love & affection without over stepping her boundaries & is able to keep them in line without using harsh words, tones or time outs. She has an open door policy so at any point in time you can drop in & she what great care you child is being taken care of. There is also plenty of diversity in terms of age/sex of her children so my child is able to build relationships from older children as well as younger children. Sandra also teaches the children spanish & my daughter has come home teaching me new things! I have total peace of mind while I am at work. My daughter will be with Sandra through out the long haul & we appreciate all that she does!
Sandra has taken care of my three children since the oldest was 3 years old, the middle child 18 mo, and the baby a not even born yet. It is hard to describe why she is so wonderful- by this point she is like family to us. So I will describe a few of the things she does that contribute to her daycare being a great place for kids. 1) She is patient and loving with them. Sometimes she is better able to pinpoint what's going on with a situation than I am! She really knows and understands the children. 2) she gives them lots of hugs and affection. The kids love her right back. 3) she cooks real, delicious food for them, not processed stuff. 3) my kids have really benefited from a mixed-age group daycare like this one because they learn from each other, but also can always find someone on their level. 4) she differentiates activities for the different groups, and has structured time for them. 5) they play outside a lot. 6) she is very flexible and reliable, but also is clear about rules and boundaries. In the past I have worried that a babysitter might agree to something outwardly but then resent the request, and what if they took that out on my kids? She is always clear and won't agree to anything if her heart's not in it. I appreciate that. I could go on for a long time, but suffice it to say that I highly recommend her and would send my kids here for as long as I ever need care.
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