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Lily F.|Morgan city, LA

<$10-20/hr 8 yrs exp 33 yrs old

*Bilingual*Tutor*Nanny Available*

Home-school tutor/nanny available Hello, About me: My name is Lily; I am 26 years old, student majoring in Child Psychology, with CPR training. Experience: I have two kids, a boy that is 8 years old and a girl that is 6 1/2 both are the star students in their classrooms!! What are your kids going learn* Spanish Language: the language arts program emphasizes reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, punctuation, word roots. Math: student-paced, fun approach to math can help children overcome any anxiety by building solid math skills at their speed. Kids build proficiency in a safe, supportive environment with activities and games, loads of practice for reinforcement, and ongoing assessment. Learn-to-Read Programs: Learning to read is an exciting time for children. Parents can be thrilled by their children's emerging literacy and reading skills and the children will have support in learning to read and developing strong language arts skills. Science and Social Studies: The science lessons cover life science, physical science, geology, astronomy, weather, life cycles, biology, sound, light, matter, and energy. The social studies lessons bring to life a range of topics including ancient history and civilizations, modern history, geography, civics instruction, and political science. We love to sing, dance, story time and we love to play. Of course, we are very clean so, we learn to clean up after we use our class material or toys. My beliefs in how children learn: I believe children follow their interests, everything is a learning opportunity. As parents, our job is to drop everything, as much as possible, and give them the time, materials, and encouragement to feed their habit. Our home is filled with books, tools, toys, and trinkets that provide information and opportunities. The child is curious. He/she wants to make sense out of things, find out how things work, gain competence and control over themselves and their environment, do what they see other people do. He/she is open, receptive and perceptive. He/she does not shut off from the strange, confused, complicated world around him. He/she observes it closely and sharply, tries to take it all in. He/she does not merely observe the world around them, but tastes it, touches it, bends it, breaks it. To find out how reality works, he works on it. He/she are not afraid of making mistakes is patient.
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