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Finding tutor jobs that fit your schedule doesn't have to be a complicated process. Create a profile today and apply to tutoring positions that match the subjects you teach and your availability to start earning. We're here to help you connect with families hiring in your area and find new tutoring jobs as you need them.

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FAQs for finding tutor jobs

How much can I get paid as a tutor in 2023?
On average, tutors on Care.com earn $17.50 per hour at a national level as of December 2023. Tutoring centers and agencies determine the rates for their tutors. However, if you're working on your own, consider several factors before setting your pay rate, including your credentials, level of experience and proven success you have working with kids.
What can I do to become a tutor on Care.com?
Once you decide what subjects you're interested in tutoring and what ages of children you think fit your tutoring style the best, create your tutor profile detailing the subjects you can teach, your pay rate, availability, and describing your experience. It is always a good idea to get familiar with the curriculum your local schools are following so it's easier for you to relate to the kids you'll be helping. It may be a good idea to connect with a few teachers in your area to see what textbooks or online resources they're using in the classroom.
How can I use Care.com to find tutoring jobs?
There are many jobs posted on daily basis on Care.com from families looking for help. You can narrow these results down to just jobs in your area and look for the subjects you specialize in and which jobs have your desired hourly rate. Additionally, you can create a profile on Care.com that describes the tutoring services you offer, whether you provide in-person or online tutoring and what your availability is. Interested families can then reach out to you if their child needs your help.