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Part Time $10 – 24/hr Starts 09/30 Beaumont, TX
My son really needs help in language arts with writing stories. Plus needs help in biology.

Math Tutor

Full Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 10/21 Edmond, OK
Our daughter is severely behind and has given up. She needs your help, we need your help. Looking to tutor 5-7 days a week for about a year. We need someone who is knowledgeable and is willing to hell her succeed.

Chemistry Tutor

Part Time $15 – 15/hr Starts 10/17 Upland, CA
Intro to Chemistry class. wavelength, naming bonds, classifying bonds, oxidation numbers

Math Tutor

Part Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 10/21 Piscataway, NJ
Math Tutor - 4th Grade

Spanish Tutor

Full Time $10 – 20/hr Starts 10/17 San Juan, PR
Hello! I am in need of a basic Spanish tutor. I have moved here for work and being bilingual would help so much. At this time I am limited and semi conversational but want to improve. They would be sporadic meet ups maybe twice a week at a coffee shop or book store. Please let me know your availability. Thank you!

Reading Tutor

Part Time $10 – 25/hr Starts 10/16 Tampa, FL
I desperately need a reading tutor for my 6-year-old home schooled daughter. She is still in need of the basics of reading. I need someone who can tutor her on a regular basis possibly twice per week.

French Tutor

Part Time $10 – 25/hr Starts 10/19 Overland Park, KS
We need a French tutor for our 2 middle school kids for French 1 and 2.

Math Tutor

Part Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 10/15 Miami, FL
Looking for a math tutor for my 3rd grader

French Tutor

Part Time $10 – 30/hr Starts 10/16 Spartanburg, SC
I'm taking entry level French in college and need some help!

Tutor needed

Part Time $11 – 16/hr Starts 10/14 Oxnard, CA
I have a 7-year-old son that struggles in Reading. Looking for someone to tutor him Monday through Thursday... We have a flexible schedule.
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FAQs for finding tutoring jobs

What makes a successful tutor?
If you have solid knowledge in a subject and enjoy working with kids, you may be able to establish yourself as a private tutor and earn some money. Once you’ve decided which subjects, age groups and grade levels you’d like to tutor, familiarize yourself with the curriculum and establish suitable teaching methods. A successful tutor adjusts instruction to fit their student’s specific needs and learning style and communicates well with students (and their parents!) along the way.
How much can I make as a tutor?
So you’ve decided to offer tutoring for students in need. Now you need to figure out how much to charge. If you work for a tutoring center or agency, they will determine the rate. However, if you’re working on your own, consider several factors, including your credentials, level of experience and proven success and the city you live in. High school students can expect to charge $30 to $40 per hour while an experienced, certified teacher may charge up to $85 per hour.