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Lloyd P.|Davidson, NC

$10-25/hr 5 yrs exp 28 yrs old

My talent is a gift from the Lord. He has given me the ability to love and be passionate about people and people who are in special needs. I have the ability to be patient and understanding. and in addition I am very good with handling certain situations and remain calm and still keep the task in my mind. My experience and care service started at my church, my heart has a passion for kids and being able to handle kids and have fun with them. I thought from kinder garden to middle school kids. After moving a few churches I was able to have more hands on experience with kids. I lead a small group on Wednesdays and had tons of fun. In addition to this, I worked for the Lake Norman YMCA a as a Camp Counselor and Special Needs person. I was taking care an autistic child for a full summer, it was a great experience because I have learn so much. It also took a lot of patience, loving, and understanding. Now, I do a lot of volunteer work, from babysitting for people that I know, and for people from my church, to helping in special Olympics. I actually have a cousin who has down syndrome she is a beautiful girl, I have about a year and a half of experience taking care of her. I also learned a whole lot more than I could imagine. I do a lot of volunteer work in nursing homes visiting, and spend time with senior, and playing games to, chatting and be there company for the day or simply hearing there story. I have learn that those small things mean a lot to people.
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Patrick D.|Davidson, NC

$15-30/hr 2 yrs exp 38 yrs old

My personal experiences with special needs students and adults are an everyday learning event. As in a life time no one can ever be presented with every disability category. The one thing my experience has taught me is that to be considered successful it only has to work. I know that one solution or strategy might not be right for you but that does not mean that it will not work on someone else. I have a great passion for helping others and the field of special education provides me with the one of the many things that I enjoy; which is targeting a person 's strengths to focus on one of many possible solutions, as problems exist it really does not make much sense to dwell upon them as they only become problems if you allow them to. I am currently finishing up my last semester of my Master of Arts and Teaching in Special Education with a focus in general curriculum (K-12), During my studies I found a great interest in both academic and functional concerns as I believe that problems only exist if you allow them to. I have also served in the military with the United States Marine Corps from 2001-2005 with an HONORABLE DISCHARGE. I was injured in combat and found comfort in the care given by my medical team and para professionals towards my own road to recovery. So as I teach and aide others I have firsthand experience of the toll which is placed upon the students, adults, and families during the process of discovery and/or transition of the concern(s). Currently I am working full as a lead teacher Birth to four (4) years old, and provide after school support to students with both functional and academic issues that need to be addressed. My goal is not to cure a deficiency but to provide possible solutions in order to allow for the full potential to be extracted from the person no matter the age, gender, or culture.
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