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Nanny/Help Manage Family Day-to-day/light Housework

Part Time
Hi! We are a family of 5 people! My husband and I own our own businesses and we are looking for some help to organize our lives more and just find that right person who can come in a pinch but also is someone we trust and enjoy being around when she is helping with our kids or home. We have three kids. A 6-year-old boy, almost 4-year-old girl and almost 2-year-old boy. Our oldest son has ADD and an IEP at school for speech delay and some OT. Someone with experience with emotional therapy, special needs, etc would be great. We are needing someone who is patient, kind, plays and helps the kids learn while also keeping the house picked up. We would love someone to just come in and help us organize our lives per se. We feel like we are going a mile a minute and we need someone to help. This may be a day to watch all 3 kids or maybe 1 as we love to do 1:1 with our kids. This may be to help our son with homework as we play with the other kiddos or stay with our baby while I pick up my kids from school. Maybe it will be to watch the kids while we both get a workout in on a Saturday morning! Life is so great and we are so blessed, but it's very chaotic right now and we need help managing it all. We don't have a lot of family around so that makes it tough too! Mondays would be a great day to have someone as well as one more day during the week. I would love if they also were able to do light housework, dishes. We have house cleaners but more just everyday stuff. Schedule is semi flexible and we need someone for date nights every couple weeks too! Sometimes a day date and sometimes a night on weekends! We would love for you to be fully vaccinated too. We are and our kids will be when they can. We are a loving and fun family. Just looking to simplify and get to enjoy the moments more and be more present with our family!