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Photo for Seeking A Nanny To The Future Change Makers Of The World. - Idea...

Seeking A Nanny To The Future Change Makers Of The World. - Idea...

Part Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 06/12 Atlantic Beach, FL
Ideally the nanny will have experience with special needs, understand and be willing to help with educational elements for boys who are behind in school. Have patience to deal with nervous system disorders in our oldest and be willing to learn with us as parents how best to help our boys thrive in life. We are looking for someone who we can depend on, but we also understand and appreciate the need for rest. As the nanny you would have first choice to join us for trips, help cover date nights or even nights away that my wife and I would like to take once we find the right person. The job might evolve a bit as we need help during the summer months but we will be new to area . The boys are kind hearted but struggle with nervous system regulation which can sometimes look like they are mean, but they are not themselves during the dysregulation and we have to help them through it. We have found with other nanny's that the boys are far less likely to show issues as they often come out once they fully trust and are comfortable with someone. We will be looking for someone who wants to do things with them: park, state park, beach, pool, I work from home/clubhouse so taking the boys to the pool or out to do things will be necessary as we don't want them sedentary in the apt. My wife is busy running our lives and needs a break from the boys hence a nanny gives us options for all of us to have better lives. We look forward to meeting you!

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