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Seeking Part-time Senior Care Provider In Federal Way

Part Time
Seeking care for my grandmother in her 80s. Services needed: meal preparation, transportation, housekeeping. Specialized care needs: CPR/first aid training. Female caregiver preferred. I'm looking for someone who is kind, patient, empathetic and a self-starter. My grandma is intelligent and insists on being independent, but she needs a lot of help with meal prep, light cooking, and definitely cleaning. (Mainly the downstairs, as she can no longer safely go upstairs.) She can become set in her ideas, so please hear her out and respect her opinions, but exercise sound judgment in carrying out tasks. She prefers someone who doesn't mind the occasional chat, but not someone who talks her ear off. We can provide occasional transportation, but it is important that you're open to driving to the occasional appointment or to the store. Incontinence can be an issue, so please be sure that you are okay with, and respectful about laundering soiled linens/clothes or cleaning and sanitizing the floor. My grandma loves genealogy, singing, being with her family, going to craft stores, doing the crossword, and traveling. Due to her medical/mobility issues she is limited in how often she can do her hobbies. Her senior son lives in an RV in the driveway, but doesn't spend much time in the house. My grandma just lost her husband of 66 years, and since then has been depressed and less mentally stimulated. My mom, me, my sister, and our partners are very involved in her life and may occasionally be at the house when you're there. With our other responsibilities we can't give her the attention and help that she needs and deserves. The schedule can be flexible during the week, but my grandma may prefer consistency once we feel out whether it's a good fit, and decide what works best in the long run. I am however, sure that she needs help 2/wk.
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FAQs for senior care jobs in Federal Way

How much do senior care jobs pay in Federal Way, WA?
The average pay rate for elder care jobs in Federal Way, WA on Care.com is $15.50 per hour as of November 2020. This rate is based on private at-home senior care and may vary depending on your experience caring for seniors, certifications that you may have, and the specific services that you can perform.
What type of senior care jobs can I find in Federal Way, WA?
Care.com has 4 senior care jobs in Federal Way, WA. You can search jobs posted by local families looking to hire a caregiver for their elder loved ones by distance from Federal Way. From there, you can compare jobs by hourly pay rate, the type of senior care you specialize in and the desired schedule and days you wish to work.
Can I find a senior care job during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Many families and caregivers continue to rely on Care.com as a place to connect and help each other especially during these critical times. Many families will want to have a reliable and responsible person who can care for their elder loved ones safely at home and run errands for them during these times. If you're looking for a senior care job, there are currently 4 job opportunities in Federal Way, WA posted by families who need help to care for their seniors at home.