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Chasity W.|Wilmington, OH

$10-25/hr 6 yrs exp 23 yrs old

BABYSITTING- I have babysat for as long as I can remember, I guess I could thank my seven younger siblings for making me the 'mother hen' that I am. Ive babysat countless children while parents worked, I have done more than countable over nights and weekends. I have been a live in nanny for a three month period. I had the pleasure of spending my days with two young gentleman who where six yrs and 8 months old, along with their darling sister who was two. From six am until sometimes as late as eight pm I was responsible for breakfast, school bus, naps, potty training, lunch, homework, dinner and baths. All while juggling laundry, dishes, and house cleaning. You name it, and I'm sure I've dealt with it at least once, it is practically second nature to me at this point. I'm no stranger to sick, hyperactive, rambunctious, shy, nap deprived, or mischievous children. Funny smells, nose pickers, sticky hands, bed wetters, picky eaters, and fibbers, baby gate bandits, snotty noses and the occasional "spit that out now!" that's followed by an item of some kind, drenched in slobber landing right in your hand. Ive met The free spirited child who decided he didn't want a pull up on moments after #2 just happened and is now covered head to toe along with the wall. Ive met the child who showed me my ninja like reflexes and my ability to catch them mid air when they decided to have two left feet and free fall head first for the coffee table. Ive dealt with tiny smushed fingers in a door, I've seen the lip quiver that turns kisses to magical medicine that fixes boo boo's. They can for sure be a little gross at times, and even a heart attack, but They are beautiful little beings and I couldn't imagine what I would do if people like you didn't give me this opportunity to do what I love! Letting me potentially be apart of your child(s) life is a HUGE decision, but I can guarantee you wont be dissatisfied! Hence the reason for such a long Bio. I personally believe you can never know enough about someone when leaving the safety of your child in someone else hands. I prefer longer term jobs when it comes to younger children. I want the child to be comfortable, to have a routine, to be familiar and feel safe. Older kids are better at dealing with change and new people so I don't mind shorter jobs with them as much. However you as a parent know your child better than anyone else! I have loads of great references to ease every weary parents mind of a new babysitter! ABOUT ME- Last but not least, here's a little info about me. Although I am only 18, without a doubt I am far ahead of my age. I do not have any children of my own. Sadly I have still been a mother for a handful of children, I have raised little ones who where unfortunately born into a life they did not deserve. Unfortunately I too was a child who didn't grow up in idea circumstances, however I am beyond thankful. It has opened my eyes to a passion for children, "Be the person you needed when you where younger", its a statement I try daily to live by. I graduated last year at 17. I moved out soon after and into my own apartment. Since then it has been me, my clunky Cavalier and my lovely pit-bull Sassy conquering the world one day at a time. College is definitely a goal of mine that I will one day meet. However right now I am in no rush, as I am still figuring out where I want to plant my feet in this world as an adult. And quite honestly I enjoy my job, I enjoy spending my days coloring, answering fake telephones, and playing peek a boo too much to walk away from it just yet. I'm a trick of all trades, you name it and I've probably already mastered it, if not than its in the process. I am very firm on manners. I always carry a smile, and am very polite. Yet stern when need be and I strongly practice treating others the way you want to be treated. I take nothing more serious then getting behind the wheel and being a responsible driver. I do not believe a day will come when I will be able to say I have learned "enough" in life. My morals mean a great deal to me. I enjoy cooking, art and just about anything else that has to do with being crafty. I love to read a good book whenever I get the chance. I have a love for being outdoors, I believe"The best kind of fun is found somewhere in the dirt". I am very family oriented, and I can proudly say my mother is my best friend. I believe that everyone should look at life through a 5-year-olds eyes every once in awhile.
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FAQs for finding reading tutors in Wilmington

How much does it cost to hire a reading tutor in Wilmington, OH?
Hiring a local reading tutor in Wilmington, OH on will cost an average of $10.00 per hour as of May 2020. This rate may vary depending on the experience each candidate has, how often you will need them to help your child with reading and the age of your child.
How can I find a reading tutor near me? currently has 3 reading tutors in Wilmington, OH. You can search for candidates by their distance from Wilmington and compare your options by hourly rate, the experience each reading tutor has and the specific skills they can teach. You can also see reviews from other families in Wilmington that have worked with a reading tutor you're interested in.
What questions should I ask a potential reading tutor?
The goal of hiring a reading tutor is to improve your child's grades and vocabulary. Ask questions about the process each tutor uses to get these results from the kids they've worked with in the past. Also ask each reading tutor if they are familiar with some of the goals the schools in Wilmington have. Finally, see how long they are willing to commit to helping your child with their reading tasks. Your child may only need a few tutoring sessions or long-term help with their reading that could require the tutor to stay with them the entire school year.