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Tracy B Pet Sitting

15 Union Street, Wallingford, CT

Hello! I'm Tracy B, owner and head sitter in charge at Tracy B House Sitting. I specialize in house and pet sitting in your home to keep your fur babies in the surroundings they're most comfortable with while you're away. Please take a look at my two most basic services below, and check out my website. Hope to hear from you soon!

House Sitting $35/day, (+25 cents/mile) - this is the most basic service I provide, and every package includes this service. I will arrive before you leave and stay at your home while you are on vacation. All of your plants will be watered, fish fed, and mail taken in. Prior to your expected return, all of the dishes that I used will be washed, and sheets and towels will be laundered. A light housekeeping will be done so that you come home to a clean house. A meal will be waiting to be heated once you've settled in, so all you need to worry about when you get home is relaxing and recovering from your trip. In addition, I will care for your outdoor plants. I'm not talking about mowing the back forty, but watering a flower or vegetable garden (or two or three), dead-heading or pruning roses, picking vegetables before they over-ripen on the vine, and light weeding will be taken care of. This package also includes pool care: vacuuming, skimming and chemical care as needed. I will be there when you arrive home to give you an up to the minute summary of all that's happened since you left. (Price example: 4 days with no pets, 72 miles from my base = $35 x 4 days = $140. Mileage is 72 each way = 72 x 2 x 0.25 = $36. Total service = $176)

Basic Pet Package $35/day + $5/pet (+25 cents/mile) - This is the same as the House Sitting package, but with more legs, wings, feathers, scales or fur. The daily price includes care and feeding for indoor cats, or any dogs, or a mix of the two, and/or birds, and/or fresh or salt water fish tanks. A mix of any indoor pets (as described on my "What are Pets" page), is included. Chickens, goats and horses are not indoor critters; rabbits, turtles and snakes might be. All pets will be fed, watered, and walked and/or let out according to their normal schedules. All of your fur babies will receive individual attention and will have clean water, clean bedding and playtime. (Price example: 4 days with 2 pets and 72 miles from my base = $35 x 4 days = $140+ $10 for 2 pets = $150. Mileage is 72 each way = 72 x 2 miles x 0.25 = $36. Total service = $186)
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