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Photo for PT/OC Babysitter Weekdays/afternoons/ Rare Late Saturday Nights (overnight)

PT/OC Babysitter Weekdays/afternoons/ Rare Late Saturday Nights (overnight)

Part Time
Extremely active, investigative, and communicative. Advanced for her age. She is allowed only certain food items, we will provide. We limit screen time, but she does enjoy dancing to music. She loves playing outside, in the hose or her small pool as well as with a ball. She enjoys reading with you and playing peek a boo. She likes learning. We use time outs and redirection for corrective behavior. We may from time to time require late or overnights on Saturdays. We may also request occasional assistance with light housekeeping and home chores such as dishes and laundry. We wish to find someone permanent she is comfortable with so we do not have to change sitters constantly. She is already anxious enough about being apart, being around someone she enjoys and is familiar with will help. We have 4 cats and we smoke- acceptance to these conditions is a requirement. We also wish to meet you in person a few times to see how she likes you before we just leave her with you. Please expect this as part of the interview process. Our interests and values include natural immunity, open mindedness, honesty, and friendship. The kids love reading and dancing to music, playing outside in the garden hose or kids pool, playing ball, walks. They need help with potty training, sign language, learning boundaries and rules. we're looking for someone who has similar parenting styles and beliefs, someone who isn't afraid to build a relationship with us and our family, someone who can entertain a tiddler without screen time, who will follow and enforce our rules as we do. To get to our home, you can use our parking spaces or park in overflow parking which is 75 yards from our home. Our family includes 4 cats, all fixed and all inside cats that double as escape con artists. they ate not allowed outside.
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