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Photo for Hands-on Care Needed For Myself - Hi! My name is Leslie. I have...

Hands-on Care Needed For Myself - Hi! My name is Leslie. I have...

Part Time $25 – 50/hr Starts 12/03 Tampa, FL
About who needs care: Hi! My name is Leslie. I have been struggling with intermittent severe bouts of vertigo (dizziness, instability with walking) as a side effect from a virus I had in October. The condition I have is called vestibular neuritis (also called post-viral vertigo). I am independent and care for myself in general; however, these bouts have left me needing periodic caregiving. I will be needing someone to go to vestibular rehabilitation appointments with me and to practice the home exercises I learn there in my home. I am not sure how frequently these appointments will be, but I think it will be 3 days per week. I will likely need help on other days so that I can practice the home exercises. It is recommended that I not do these exercises alone so that I do not fall. I can dress myself and otherwise care for myself. However, I am not going to be able to drive (so I will need transportation to these appointments). It is also important that my caregiver is willing to attend the vestibular rehab appointments with me so that we can learn the exercises together to then practice at my home. Prior to starting the rehabilitation program, I would benefit from having some care via visits at my home. I am still able to work for the most part, but I am unsure if that will change due to the vertigo. Thank you very much. About the care needs: I would like a caregiver who is warm and patient. They do not need any specialized skills because we will learn the exercises together at vestibular rehabilitation sessions. Services needed include: transportation, and mobility assistance.

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