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Part Time $12 – 12/hr Starts 04/26 Plant City, FL
About who needs care: I'm hypo--glycemic but I try to control it through my Diet. .. I'm happiest when busy. From a Military Up--Bringing. Majority of my - Life I've been Active In Sports. .. in High School.. College.. and After !! I Love to Read ANYTHING .. Books.. Magazines.. Etc. ""I have been CARING - For & Taking CARE Of Of -- PEOPLE .. Since I was 4 - Years OLD..... and Didn't Realize That's WHAT I WAS BORN FOR !! "" *My Entire LIFE has been Service -- Oriented !! * I have Helped & Cared for PEOPLE of ALL AGES! I am just STRUGGLING with most things in Life -- Since My Wife Died in 2009 !! I have TRIED.. my very best.. and I AM A PERSON WHO DOES NOT -- like to ask for Help !! 1. I've been a Tutor for Children. 2. Nature & Geo - Political Tour Educator for 15 Years.. for 4th 5th 6th - Grade School Children of Poor and Wealthy Schools Districts In Dade and Broward Counties !! 3. I've been an Under--Cover Insurance Investigator for State Of Florida for at Least 10 - Years !! 4. I've been a Security Officer For The State of Florida.... for 17 Years !! 5. tears.... I've even spent 10 - Years Caring For and Helping .. Sick an Dying !!.. tears I apologize.. for going on.. like this. .. I'm sorry. I am NOW quite possibly - going through THE MOST Serious & Difficult Time of my ENTIRE - LIFE !! .. I'm sorry about.... ALL THE DETAILS. About the care needs: 1. Type of Person Do I Need a Down To Earth CARING & PATIENT Person a Person who has - NO TROUBLE Being Honest and Sincere with me !! 2. A Person Who IS INTUITIVE !! when it COMES TO ANOTHER -- PERSON'S NEEDS !! 3. Some Who Cares About Music !! if this doesn't--work out .... please DON'T worry.... I will - NOT get upset !! *I am PROBABLY..... The MOST CARING & HIGHLY SENSITIVE Man YOU - WILL EVER MEET !! * Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, and light housekeeping.

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