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Hands-on Care Needed For My Husband In Owings Mills

Part Time $15 – 15/hr Starts 03/29 Owings Mills, MD
About who needs care: My husband has Parkinson's - a motor neuron disorder that limits his mobility. He needs help bathing (at the sink) dressing walking. getting on and off the toilet. I need a break from doing all this for him and I need a few hours to myself or to get groceries or whatever during the week. He loses his balance easily and needs strong support sometimes or he'll fall. No hobbies. Likes to watch old black and white cowboy shows or movies. I manage his medications which he must take every six hours around the clock. We usually are awake at 6 a.m. for the first meds. Then he bathes at the bathroom sink. He needs help getting to the bathroom but sits on a chair to do the bath. He will do his front from head to toe and I will wash his back and backside for him. He is able to apply deodorant and to brush his teeth. He then needs assistance in dressing especially putting on a sweatshirt or socks and shoes. Then we carefully go down the stairs and have breakfast. At some point he will need to go to the bathroom but sometimes it's a false alarm. He will need help getting there and positioning himself on the toilet adequately. Then he will need help getting back up and having his underwear and outer pants pulled back up for him. He needs help getting back to his lounge chair in the family room. After that he may watch TV or fall asleep for awhile. He needs help walking to the kitchen table for meals as well. His limbs are stiff and unsteady from the disease and much patience and kindness is needed to encourage him to do as much as he can in order not to lose the meager functioning he still has. About the care needs: she will need to be physically strong. Arthur weighs 170-175 pounds. If he falls she will need to help him get back up and that is terribly hard to do for me and for him so the brunt will be on her strength. She will need to be patient because he walks very slowlyShe will need to be intelligentShe will need to be kind She needs to be resilient A sense of humor helps too. He didn't cause this horrible disease and for sure he never would have chosen it so be attentive non-judgemental non-confrontational and above all respectful no matter what. Compassion is the working ethic. Services needed include: mobility assistance. Preference for a caregiver who is female.

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