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Montessori Luna Bilingual Daycare's Photo

Montessori Luna Bilingual Daycare

706 Sudbrook Rd, Pikesville, MD

Starting at $160/wk

Montessori Luna Bilingual Micro school, a nature-inspired program strives to guide children through their unique pathway toward their full potential by enriching the quality of children's educational and developmental pathways. We offer a strong academic curriculum supported by the Maryland Excels initiative. Our Montessori certified teacher ensures children are kindergarten ready by using a full Montessori curriculum. We are also committed to helping children understand the part they play in a global community by having a strong second language program (Spanish). We are native Spanish and trained professionals with years of experience in the educational field.

We Provide several opportunities to develop gross motor, coordination, and team playing activities through Rebounders for gymnastics and our soccer program (weekly in the summer) by soccer shots.

We believe in creating a sustainable environment for our children. Our children are involved in gardening, recycling, composting during our everyday activities.

*********We will have 3 spots available for our 2, 3, and 4 days programs (spots for our toddler classroom starting at 16 months and for our primary classroom ages 2 to 5 years old) ************

Who we are: Ms. Ana is a Montessori certified teacher with years of experience working for Montessori schools. After the birth of her first child, she founded Montessori Luna.

For more information, feel free to email us, call us or follow us on Facebook.com/montessoriluna/
Mount Paran Early Learning Center's Photo

Mount Paran Early Learning Center

10308 Liberty Road, Randallstown, MD

Costimate: $175/wk

Mount Paran Early Learning Center (MTPELC) provides an opportunity for your child to develop spiritually, introspectively, academically, physically and creatively. Our center offers your child a caring and nurturing environment. MTPELC is designed to develop your child as a whole and to enhance his or her natural and individual talents, abilities and interests. The center will be a significant influence in your child's developmental, social and educational growth. We teach our children with values of love, empathy, and faith. Each child is treated as an individual, ensuring that he or she receives the attention and resources necessary for success. Our center targets a diverse group of children who will ultimately learn acceptance of themselves and the world around them. Our center aims to create a love of learning and a deeper love of Jesus Christ in each student we serve.

Our Program focuses on the core elements of early childhood development:

Social & Emotional Development
Children will learn responsibility and accountability for their individual actions and behavior. Students will develop the ability to share and cooperate with others, create friendships, exercise self control, self expression and begin to behave in a pro-social way.

Physical development
Although some aspects of physical development happen naturally, advanced physical development happens through taught skills. The center will assist your child with mastering fine motor skills, enhance hand-eye coordination, direction, perform large motor skills, and control over their body.

Language & Cognitive Development
The center will assist your child with developing effective and appropriate self-expression and individualism. Students will be prepared to excel in the next level, and will have an increased excitement for learning. Students will be able to effectively problem solve, express thoughts and ideas, classify, sort, match and identify objects, and develop their imagination.

Letters and Literacy
The center promotes academic readiness, students will learn to identify letters of the alphabet and sounds they make, develop complex phrases and full sentences. In addition, students will learn skills associated with reading and writing.

Math and Science
Our program fosters curiosity and inquiry in students. Children learn to identify shapes, color, and weight, how to identify, compare, and describe size, measuring concepts, counting, numbers, simple addition and subtraction
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