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Hands-on Care Needed For My Mother - My mother is like a stroke...

One Time $16 – 23/hr Starts 07/22 Columbia, MD
About who needs care: My mother is like a stroke patient -- she had 'Whole Brain Radiation' in 2004 to treat brain tumors metastasized from lung cancer - she remains cancer free since then. She has had gradually deteriorating neurological condition (as a side effect of the brain radiation) since then, to the point now that she does not speak a lot (although she can speak), she has trouble swallowing (must be fed ground up food and thickened liquids with a large syringe), has impaired hearing and sight and cannot assist in transfer. She sleeps in a hospital bed (with alternating air pressure mattress topper) and we use an electric 'patient lift' machine to transfer her from her bed to a hospital chair during the day. She is bathed in her bed and wears adult diapers. All of her care is performed in her bedroom. I am her daughter (and primary care giver) and moved her into my home after my father's death in 2011. I have a live-in home health aide who has helped me care for my mother since 2011, however I need to identify alternate resources that I might be able to call on in an emergency scenario (i. e. when my live-in cannot provide coverage suddenly). In these situations, I would minimally need someone to clean her (changing her diaper) in the morning and evening, moisturize her skin and make sure she's fed and hydrated. Depending on how many days I would need the coverage, she may not need to be transferred out of the bed into the chair doing the day. About the care needs: Most suitable would be someone who is measured, calm and confident (i. e. the kind of confidence that comes with a certain amount of experience with challenges). Caring for my mother is physically challenging (as she can only minimally assist in movements), so it would require someone with experience in bathing and changing people in bed without hurting themselves or my mother. Also, the person would have to be used to dealing with patients that are not generally responsive (verbally). No one can have the exact experience or skills needed for each home, but I have found if the aide has these basic skills and a capacity for problem-solving, it's enough to be successful. I also live in the home and am always available to answer questions. Non-smokers preferred or otherwise no smoking inside of my home. Services needed include: feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance.
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