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Hands-on Care Needed For My Mother - UNDERLYING CONDITIONS: She...

Full Time $20 – 33/hr Starts 01/25 Fremont, CA
About who needs care: UNDERLYING CONDITIONS: She is 84 years old and weighs 105. She's frail but of relatively sound mind and has been independent in walking, eating, bathing and dressing until one week ago when she had heart surgery. She is now at home in recovery. She also has a skin condition Scleroderma (dry skin and irritation) on her arms, spots on her neckline, jawline and back. She has prescription cream that needs to be applied after showers and throughout the day. She lives with brother and his wife but he has also been sick so his wife does the cooking and cleaning but needs assistance in helping care for my mother white she's recovering. She does not use a walker or any other type of machine. My sister-in-law takes her to her doctor appointments. DAILY STRUCTURE: She takes her medication (I will provide details), eats her breakfast (mainly oatmeal, juice and hot tea) in the mornings. She eats a very light diet of solid foods, drinks Ensures or protein drinks throughout the day. After she showers she needs to apply her cream (as noted above) may need some assistance drying off, dressing and helped back into bed to rest. She needs her blood pressured, pulse and weight checked and her diet tracked. She will need assistance getting to the rest room, in and out of the shower and drying off and walking into the kitchen or outside until she regains her strength and balance given she does need to move around and work on her circulation as her strength and energy permits. She will only need assistance for the next 2-3 weeks, possibly for 2-3 hours a day M-F. HOBBIES/INTERESTS: She enjoys being outside, reading and watching movies and Television shows on her laptop or TV. She also enjoys talking on the telephone with her adult children. About the care needs: Speaks and understands English very clearly. Speaks and understands Spanish as well given my sister-in-law speaks Spanish as her first language and has difficulty with English at times. Not too young in age and a pleasant demeanor. Not vocally religious but spiritual. My mother is fully vaccinated and boosted as is everyone in the household so the caregiver must be the same. Services needed include: companionship, feeding, and bathing / dressing.
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