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Find math tutors in Fremont, CA that you’ll love

60 math tutors are listed in Fremont, CA

The average rate is $25/hr as of July 2024

The average experience for nearby math tutors is 3 years

Math tutors in Fremont, CA

Christina C.'s Photo

Christina C.

Fremont, CA

$35-45/hr4 yrs exp

6th To 12th Math Tutor

Hired by 2 families in your neighborhood

Hello! My name is Christina and I have been a part-time tutor for 4+ years now teaching basic math, algebra 1/2, and geometry. I've worked many jobs in the past such as a swim coach, nanny, band instructor, engineer so I bring a lot of experience from many different fields of work! Currently, I work as a product designer for a...
"Christina goes above and beyond what most tutors offer. She didn't just help my son with assignments, she really assessed what skills he would need to complete the whole semester and made a plan to help him master those skills. She also stayed in close touch with...

Faye M.

Chi A.'s Photo

Chi A.

Fremont, CA

$40-55/hr10 yrs exp

Creative Maths

- I have passion in math. I started studying math when I was 4 years old. My goal is to transfer my passion for math to my students. - I not only help students to get good grades and achieve higher levels in math, but also to teach them. I help them to have a real knowledge in math. - I don't like the idea of doing homework...
Jello Jeans T.'s Photo

Jello Jeans T.

Fremont, CA

$24-62/hr5 yrs exp

Basic Math And Algebra

I have been working with Kumon for almost 6 years helping students with their math. I am an accounting graduate in Philippines.
Sonya S.'s Photo

Sonya S.

Fremont, CA

$25-50/hr2 yrs exp

Passionate & Qualified Tutor For A Variety Of Subjects (Math, English, SAT Prep, Etc.)!

Hello! My name is Sonya , and I am a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley (with a major in cognitive science and a minor in data science & dance/performance studies). I have 2+ years of experience working as a tutor & undergraduate student instructor for UC Berkeley's Foundations of Data Science course...
Victoria P.'s Photo

Victoria P.

Fremont, CA

$30-50/hr3 yrs exp

Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

I am a 4th year college student. I generally work well with ages 3-8 with learning homework, skills with toys, puzzles, ABCs, reading, cleaning skills, conversational skills, comprehension, math, etc. I am patient, kind, attentive, and excited to work one on one with children to boost learning and understanding. I have worked...
"She is great with all 3 kids and connected with the kids instantaneous."

Jennifer G.

Kendra T.'s Photo

Kendra T.

Fremont, CA

$35/hr3 yrs exp

Former Engineer, Future Nurse, Current Tutor

After graduating from high school in the top 10 of my class, I pursued Mechanical Engineering at UC San Diego from which I graduated in 2017. For the next five years I worked as a corrosion engineer with a utility company. And now I am working to transition to the health care field as a nurse. I have 3. 5 years of paid...
"Kendra worked at a Summer Camp that I had directed in the past. She was always timely, fun, organized, and well-liked by the kids. She can support larger groups of up to fifteen students in a class setting, but also individually. She provided babysitting and...

Care member

Karen G.'s Photo

Karen G.

Fremont, CA


Practice for a Future Teacher

Though I have never formally tutored, I can distinctly remember always explaining things to people who did not understand straight away. In the 5th grade, it was long division. Sophomore year, it was chemistry. Whenever a teacher isn't clear enough, classmates flock to my desk so I can re-teach the material in a way that makes...
Ashwarya S.'s Photo

Ashwarya S.

Fremont, CA

$24-35/hr7 yrs exp

The Best Tutor You Could Have!

I am currently a student at UC Davis and I love tutoring and being able to pass on knowledge to people. I have 7 years of experience working at Kumon and tutoring privately! I tutor a range of subjects. Message me to find out more!
Amanda S.'s Photo

Amanda S.

Fremont, CA

$25-30/hr2 yrs exp

A few years ago I use to be a 1st grade tutor for a Chinese after-school program. I really enjoyed it because I was able to see the progress immensely with the children. From there I excelled to a higher grade level program that was a one-on-one basis with the middle school students . My employers would compliment my work for...
Kaitlyn L.'s Photo

Kaitlyn L.

Fremont, CA

$24-25/hr2 yrs exp

Hi my name is Kaitlyn I tutor mostly from ages 5-17 I live in biloxi and have my own home in a safe military neighborhood, I am a military spouse but my husband is on deployment at the moment. I can tutor with math, science, some arts such as music and drama, as well as can help with reading and test prep.
Kiranveer S.'s Photo

Kiranveer S.

Fremont, CA

$24-35/hr2 yrs exp

I'm 23 years old. I graduated this summer from California State University of East face with a bachelors of arts in psychology. I enjoy working with children. I speak Punjabi fluently. I am a hard worker and I am dedicated to my job. I grew up raising my siblings and cousins, so I've always helping them with school activities...
Nicolas C.'s Photo

Nicolas C.

Fremont, CA

$30-100/hr3 yrs exp


Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

I have a master in Deaf Education and is widely knowledge in many subjects. Proficent to teach fundamentals and prepare students for exams. I am Deaf and fluent in ASL.
Monique R.'s Photo

Monique R.

Fremont, CA

$20-40/hr10 yrs exp

Tutoring All Levels

Hired by 1 family in your neighborhood

I have had past experiences tutoring in elementary, junior high, high school and even preschool. I have also tutored students with ADD/ADHD in elementary and high school levels. I recommend that on our initial session you provide the most recent report card or progress report from the teacher with the teacher's comments on it so...
Ava F.'s Photo

Ava F.

Fremont, CA

$36-38/hr2 yrs exp

Have tutored students for many years as a volunteer and for pay. I have worked with disadvantaged students as well as students struggling with English to enhance their learning and improve their grades.
Maria D.'s Photo

Maria D.

Fremont, CA

$30-150/hr10 yrs exp

Special/General Education Teacher/ Teacher Of The Visually Impaired

Hi, I'm Maria. Recently moved here from New York where I was a GenEd/SpEd teacher as well as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired since 2005. I have had the awesome opportunity to teach preschoolers to high school students. Currently, I work at the California School for the Blind in Fremont as a high school main stream teacher. My...
Sarah L.'s Photo

Sarah L.

Fremont, CA

$14-55/hr11 yrs exp

I'd describe my personality as friendly, patient, and welcoming. I like tutoring because it gives me an opportunity to work one-on-one with students. In teaching, it is hard to focus on individual students and their specific needs, so with tutoring you get to see their individual growth over time.
Hannah F.'s Photo

Hannah F.

Fremont, CA

$40-75/hr10 yrs exp

Masters Degree In Education Tutor

I have a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. I have taught in a K-8 school for the past 3 years. I've been in the field of education for 10 years.
Jules B.'s Photo

Jules B.

Fremont, CA

$15-30/hr2 yrs exp

Part-time Tutor Available Proficient In All Subjects!

Hi! I'm currently applying to medical school and have had experience tutoring math, sciences, and writing. I love finding fun ways to teach the harder lessons and use each student's preferred learning style to help elevate their abilities!
Vidushi M.'s Photo

Vidushi M.

Fremont, CA

$15-25/hr4 yrs exp

I've been private tutoring for the last four years or so. I started out working as a teaching assistant at a math enrichment center, then moved into tutoring on my own; I have experience tutoring children ages 6 through 13. I also started a math program for younger children at my local library, where I designed games for the...
My primary method of learning has always been to put in my own hours of self study, then organizing study sessions with motivated fellow students and going over the material with them and essentially taking on the role of a tutor. I learn best through teaching and thinking about how to teach the material I study. This strategy...

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Recent math tutor reviews in Fremont, CA

Christina C.


I have been working with Christina for my own Algebra tutoring needs. As an older college student, it can be hard to not "get" something and admit you need extra help. Christina has been great to work with, encouraging and tailoring our sessions to my specific needs and learning style. I would...

- Elisha M.

Victoria P.


She is great with all 3 kids and connected with the kids instantaneous.

- Jennifer G.

Kendra T.


Kendra worked at a Summer Camp that I had directed in the past. She was always timely, fun, organized, and well-liked by the kids. She can support larger groups of up to fifteen students in a class setting, but also individually. She provided babysitting and academic support for my very energetic...

- Care member

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