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Companion Care Needed For My Loved One - Alzheimer's -- Gets co...

Full Time $25 – 30/hr Starts 10/21 Chicago, IL
About who needs care: Alzheimer's -- Gets confused, has anxiety at times, gets angry, scared -- ups and downs Lives alone (husband died 4 years ago) Needs someone to check that she's taking her meds (on days there's no help, check pill box that meds from that day were taken) Check that she has enough food and that she's eating She never eats breakfast, just coffee -- snacks for lunch, main meal is dinner She got rid of her car a few months ago. She'd go out and forget where she was, and where her car was parked. It got too dangerous for her to drive places. Tuesday's she plays golf and needs to be taken to and from golf course Sunday's she goes to church- needs to be taken to and from church Thursday's maybe take her food shopping, or where ever she needs to go She had someone helping her the past few weeks, but the aide had to stop due to a family emergency. Then a friend helped out this past week. Her friend took her to the movies one day, drove her to a restaurant to meet another friend for lunch. She is capable of taking a cab, so if she was dropped off at golf, she could take a cab home -- depending if person helping waits for her. When we call, she recognizes our voice and knows who it is right away. Her short-term memory is what's bad. She calls us every day, sometimes 4 times a day -- mainly asking why we think she needs help. She doesn't think she needs help, but her doctor said she absolutely does. She agreed to have someone 3 days a week 'till she goes to the doctor -- she kept forgetting she agreed so we made her write it down. She reads that she "has to hang in there" 'till she sees the doc. She really just needs a companion to help her for a few hours on the 3 days. Other than the Alzheimer's, her health is good. We are looking for 4 hrs a day on Tues, Thurs, Sun Maybe 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. -- that's flexible though About the care needs: She needs someone with a lot of patience dealing with someone with Alzheimer's She likes talking about food, golf, sailing (she used to sail) She loves football and watches every weekend Services needed include: transportation, and companionship.