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Seaside HomeCare

1222 South Central Avenue, Flagler Beach, FL

WHY us?
Private Duty Nursing is what sets Seaside HomeCare apart from the pack, and raises the bar for Home-Based Healthcare. Although we do accept Insurances, we are not swamped with large patient overloads which can sometimes lead to compromised care, shorter nursing visits, and unpredictable scheduling. It's your health, your life, and access to good, quality nursing care should never be a secondary priority. The soaring costs of healthcare is a real issue for millions of Americans, and many have no healthcare coverage at all. By offering affordable, one-on-one, skilled nursing services, assistive services, and taking an active part in our community, SeaSide HomeCare has leveraged its position as the premiere private provider for the east coast beaches. It's your health...and choosing to forego the perils of detached, faceless companies- as a privately insured or private pay client- is always a smart & sound investment to your health!
We are progressively committed to breaking through the 'standardized one-size-fits-all' barriers in which our industry has mis-categorically been placed. Our goal is to facilitate and incorporate unconventional and dynamic activities into our care-plans, which lead to better,faster and more tolerable and effective healing processes. Seaside HomeCare considers a multitude of possibilities that are unique to you, your condition and your living space characteristics.

We hold strongly the undeniable value of our close proximity to one
of our planet's most holistically derived healing creations -the Sea.
The massively majestic, yet beautifully serene ocean can be a
powerful healing mechanism in which many of us can draw healthy, healing vibes- thus positively affecting one's physical health, and invoking a nurturing comfort to our human psyche.
We believe that a happy patient is a healing patient- and tapping into our bodies' precious 'happy making chemicals' is a vital constituent to healing, and maintaining well health. We encourage our patients with non-communicable conditions, and who are tolerant to low impact activities - to join us for sunset bonfires on the beach, sandy toes sunrise shore walks , pet therapy events, and more - all brought to you by SeaSide HomeCare! Studies show that even just a half hour of sunshine, or fresh air- can expedite the healing process, reduce stress, and invoke a positive attitude!
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FAQs for finding home care agencies in Flagler Beach

What types of services in 2021 can a home care agency in Flagler Beach, FL provide?
Home care agencies in Flagler Beach, FL can assess the needs of your loved one and send a caregiver to their home to help them. They can assign one, or several caregivers to your loved one depending on how much care they need and the exact services they need. Home care agencies will also periodically supervise their caregivers and provide back-up services around Flagler Beach if needed.
In 2021 what should I look for in a good home care agency near me in Flagler Beach, FL?
When you begin contacting home care agencies in Flagler Beach, FL you need to make sure they have experience managing the exact type of senior care your loved one needs. Ask specific questions about how their caregivers manage things like mobility, medication prompting, emergency situations and the frequency in which they update you on how your loved one is doing. Also ask how often they will supervise their caregivers and what procedures you should follow if you need back-up care or are dissatisfied with how care is being provided.
How can I find senior home care agencies near me?
There are currently 9 home care agencies in Flagler Beach, FL on Care.com and you can filter these local results by distance from your zip code. From there, you can compare listings to see how long each agency has been in business and read descriptions of the types of services each agency provides.