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I've been working with children for most of my life. Background: At the age of 19 I began teaching the 3 yr old Sunday school class at my church while attending college at NEMCC. While at NEMCC I worked at a local day care to pay my way through college. I stated out as a Music major because I was in the band in High School and figured I might as well go into Music. While at NEMCC I became very involved in the Baptist Student Union where I became one of the two Co-directors of Special Ministries which we basically did one of two things: entertained children with puppets or a all night lock-in church event or provided child care for large or very large churches in the area. During this time at NE for the summers I worked with the Lee County Mississippi Baptist Association as a Summer Missionary. I did this for three summers under the same boss. I was so successful in my work that I was asked several times during these three summers and after, until my boss retired, to speak about the work done through our out reach as well as speaking events to recruit monitory and worker support for this ministry. After I graduated NEMCC I attended Central Bible College. Backing up one more time to NE while working with the BSU there I became very active with a drama team as well called Harvesters. One of the things we did there was Sign language with songs. This is what drove me to change my major and work with the deaf. At which I found myself at CBC working on a deaf education degree. While attending CBC I again paid my way through school by working in a child care center. I worked with children from the ages of 1 yr to 10 years old. After graduating from CBC I moved back to Mississippi where I got a job at a local elementary as an interpreter for a 10 yr old deaf girl. While working as an interpreter I attended Mississippi State to get a degree in Special Education. I worked with this same child for a few years until she moved to the high school at which time her parents transferred her to the Mississippi school for the deaf. After that time I worked in a school in a private school in TN and one in AL. After a messy divorce I moved to Michigan to be closer to my mother whom was in failing health. Since I have relocated to MI I have not worked in the school systems. I took a few years off from working to focus on my mothers health issues and basically became a in home health care provider. I however have stated very busy and actively working with the children and youth at my church. As of 2012 I decided to go back to school and work on a degree in Child Psy. While working with in the school system I felt many times my hands were tied on how to help the children. I want to understand what causes these children to have the learning, and behavior, and mental disorders in addition to how to help them work through the disorders and not fall through the cracks of the school system to become more productive in society. Education: I have an AA in music (Woodwind major) from Northeast Mississippi Community College, BS in Deaf Education and Biblical History from Central Bible College (had to double major in an area of the Bible if you were not going into the ministry.) (Lvl 4 Sign Language Certified the certification is a National Certification to go alone with the deaf ed degree.), BS Degree from Mississippi State in Special Education. Taught in public and private school for nine years before deciding to go back to school and work on a Child PSY degree. Liberty University online program BS in Psychology. Currently working on a Masters in Child Psy at SNHU online. After I finish hopefully in 2017 I plan to work on a certification in play therapy to further help children with learning, and mental disabilities.
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Hiring an English tutor in Lapeer, MI on will cost an average of $13.75 per hour as of May 2020. This rate may vary depending on the experience each candidate has and the type of assignments you or your child need help with.
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