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Natural Beginnings Licensed Daycare

668 3rd St. NW, Forest Lake, MN

Costimate: $144/wk

My name is Lindsay and I am the mother of three wonderful little girls.

I am a licensed child care provider in Washington County, which means I have received training in CPR, First Aid, and SIDS and will complete continuing education on early childhood topics each year. Substitutes at Natural Beginnings will also have completed these required trainings. Jeff is a second-grade teacher at Lakes International Language Academy, and Kari Bullion is a Forest Lake mother of two with much child care experience.

My experience with children extends beyond my own three daughters. For the past few years, I have participated in a child care exchange with other moms, and have become quite accustomed to caring for many energetic children in my home! I also have past experience working with children at summer camp and in the mental health field.

I recently graduated with a master's degree in mental health counseling. How people grow, develop, and become who they are has always been an interest and passion of mine. My goal for my daycare is to provide a healthy, natural, loving environment in which your children and mine may grow to their full potential.

At Natural Beginnings Daycare, children spend as much time as possible outdoors engaging in physical activity, stretching their imaginations, developing their creativity, and learning from the natural world through self-directed play.

We have a great backyard with a large 8' by 8' sandbox, swing set, playhouse, and plenty of space to run and play. Your children will especially love the opportunity to observe, learn about, help with, and eat from our backyard gardens!

Structured activities are also offered regularly, particularly in the winter, and may include music activities, story time, arts and crafts, and learning about numbers, letters, colors, and shapes.

Children will also learn about and from the natural world, celebrating and learning about the changing seasons and solar and lunar cycles. Children will develop a deep respect for and connection to the natural world.

I participate in the USDA child care food program, but I go above and beyond offering all food groups. I am committed to buying and serving natural, nutritious, and mostly organic foods. Nothing I serve contains artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, GMOs, or high fructose corn syrup.

I do not count juice towards fruit and vegetable requirements. The only beverages I serve regularly are water and milk. Even the milk I serve is organic! Juice served for special occasions is always 100% juice. I try to cook as much as possible from scratch using whole, unprocessed foods. In the summer months children enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from a local CSA farm and our own backyard gardens!
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FAQs for finding day cares in Forest Lake

What type of day care can I find in Forest Lake, MN?
There are a variety of daycares in Forest Lake, MN providing full time and part-time care. Some daycares are facility-based and some are in-home daycares operated out of a person's home. They can also vary in the degree of education and curriculum they offer. Additionally, some daycares offer bilingual programs for parents that want to immerse their children in multiple languages.
How can I find a day care near in Forest Lake, MN?
If you are looking for day care options near you, start several months in advance of when you need care for your child. has 1 in Forest Lake, MN as of August 2020 and you can filter daycares by distance from Forest Lake or your zip code. From there, you can then compare day care rates, parent reviews, view their specific services, see their hours of operation and contact them through the website for further information or to request an appointment.
What questions should I ask a day care provider before signing up?
As you visit day care facilities in Forest Lake, MN, you should ask the providers what their hours are so you can be prepared to adjust your schedule for drop-off and pick-up. Ask what items you are responsible for bringing for your child and what items you may be required to provide that will be shared among other children or the day care staff. Also, make sure to check directly with the business for information about their local licensing and credentials in Forest Lake, MN.