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Average Mount Gilead babysitting rate: $12.25/hr.
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FAQs for finding a babysitter in Mount Gilead

What is the going rate for babysitters in Mount Gilead, OH?
The average rate for a local babysitter in Mount Gilead, OH is $12.25 per hour as of September 2020 according to's data. This rate can change depending on the specific needs of your family such as the number of children to be cared for or if you require any specialized care.
How can I find local babysitters in my area?
To start your search on, review the babysitters' profiles in Mount Gilead filtering by distance from your zip code. There are currently 5 babysitters in Mount Gilead, OH, although you can expand the radius of your search if you'd like to increase your options. Compare candidates by reading about their babysitting experience, services offered, and reviews from other parents.
What type of babysitting services can I find in Mount Gilead, OH? has babysitters in Mount Gilead, OH for a wide variety of needs such as after-school care, date nights, newborn or infant care, overnight care, mother's helpers, special needs care, bilingual babysitters, and more. You can search for full-time or part-time babysitters in Mount Gilead with different levels of experience and find the one that fits your family's needs.