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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

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In business since: 2002
Total Employees: 2-10


State license status: Licensed ( verified on 7/25/2022)
This business has satisfied California's requirements to be licensed. For the most up-to-date status and inspection reports, please view this provider's profile on California's licensing website.
Licensing requirements typically include:
  • Complying with safety and health inspections
  • Achieving the required levels of educational training
  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements


Monday :
6:30AM - 5:30PM
Tuesday :
6:30AM - 5:30PM
Wednesday :
6:30AM - 5:30PM
Thursday :
6:30AM - 5:30PM
Friday :
6:30AM - 5:30PM
Saturday :
Sunday :
Teacher/Student Ratio:
1 to 7
Program Capacity:

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Toddler $ 275 per week 2
Preschool $ 275 per week 2
*availability last updated on 04/12/2022
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
Half-Day (Morning)
Half-Day (Afternoon)
Extended Care (Before School)
Extended Care (After School)
  • Personal Check|
  • Cash

Ratings & Reviews

( 10)
Bryan Y
I can't say enough positive things about Ms. Suzy! A consummate professional, it's clear to see how truly and genuinely she loves 'her' kids. She welcomes children and parents alike into her home (it's hard to imagine a house better set up for infants, toddlers and children to operate a daycare out of) and provides real enrichment of the mind, body and spirit. We were lucky enough to happen upon her for our older daughter and were grateful that a spot opened up for our younger daughter fairly quickly, especially after nearly losing her to unnecessary negligence at another in-home. This resulted in the most intense and rigorous interview that I think I've ever conducted with anyone for anything. Needless to say, Ms. Suzy passed with flying colors and I appreciated how she respectfully stood her ground on things that we didn't completely see eye-to-eye on, as her experience taught her that she was doing what was best for the children. Still, she keeps an open mind to ideas and perspectives that could improve the care she provides.

Ms. Suzy has stayed in our hearts as one of the people we miss the most after moving out of the area for work, as we still use much of what she taught our daughters and us as parents, and we make a special effort to visit her whenever we're back in San Diego. We wish we knew her sooner and were able to keep our kids with her longer!
Our daughter Abigail loved her time at Touching the Hearts from 2012-2014. She grew so much. I still remember the times my husband and I would go pick her up and she would not want to leave after 8 hours of daycare! She made so many memories, crafts, learn many songs. and grew academically. She was Ms. Suzy's little helper because she loved organizing the cubbies! Even after her departure from daycare (due to her little brother being born), Abigail returned a few months later to celebrate her birthday with Ms Suzy and her little friends. Mrs. Suzy is excellent at what she does (kind, compassionate, professional, reliable and consistent with the children) and we feel so blessed to have crossed path.
Anna M
This review is for any parent that is considering to choose Touching the Hearts of Children Daycare. My daughter has been under the care of Mrs. Susy and Mrs. Larissa since she was 4.5 months old. She is now 3.5 years old. As a new mother I was terrified to let a stranger care for my child. I interviewed over 20 daycare providers over the phone and went to 8 home daycares in person. After my husband and I met with Mrs. Susy we both immediately knew that she was the person we wanted to care for our child. We were both relieved to finally meet somebody that has such a high standard of care and an exceptional curriculum.

Fast forward to 3.5 years later, my daughter truly shows confidence in herself, has great values and morals, social skills, and is thriving academically. Our daughter also learned to be very independent. A lot of this is because of Mrs. Susy and Mrs. Larissa teaching our daughter on an everyday basis. Not only do they teach, but they both genuinely love our little girl and the feeling is mutual. My daughter constantly tells us that she loves Mrs. Susy and Mrs. Larissa.

I recently had a baby boy and he just joined his sister at Touching the Hearts of Children Daycare. It has been nice to be able to go back to work and not have to worry about my children. I know they are both thriving, loved, and well cared for. If you have any reservations about sending your children here, feel free to contact me and I can share many more of the positive experiences that our family has encountered at Touching the Hearts of Children Daycare.
Martinez F
Our Son attended Touching The Hearts of Children Daycare. I MUST say that Ms. Susy and her staff are the BEST! Ms. Susy wisely and carefully chooses her staff and has always had an open door policy when it comes to concerns, change, structure whether it be with the child or with the family she always made the time. Ms. Susy and her staff worked tremendously with our family as my son had what we call separation anxiety every single morning and Ms. Susy and her staff ALWAYS greeted us with a smile and accommodated our challenge also made sure that we when we left we left comfortable knowing that the crying only lasted a couple of minutes. I remember the 1st time I dropped my son I cried and cried and cried and Ms. Susy took the time out of her day to not only comfort me on my way to my car but she also took the time to call me during the day to give me an update on him which meant so much. As working parents we worry and worry and only want the best for our children. Ms. Susy understands that and goes the extra mile for these children. She and her staff do not only discipline and structure they take the time to understand the childrens needs and take the time to find out why the child is doing what he / she is doing doesn't just automatically react to certain behaviors. We were always well informed of everything that happened every day. Our son was very well prepared for the next step he knew his colors, shapes, sounds, numbers how to spell his name and even started to read. Ms. Susy also periodically watches my daughter on breaks and they both love to go to Ms. Susy's every opportunity they get! Children don't lie... you know your children are being well taken care of when they want to go back there :). Very clean environment, healthy meals, lots of stimulation and even some exercise throughout the day! Our son learned to become independent, to use his words to share and to be caring and loving!

Marisol C
My son has attended Touching The Hearts Of Children for the last 4 years since he was an infant. As a new parent of an infant I was really scared to leave my son with a stranger but was truly blessed that Ms. Susy and her staff had previously taken care of my niece. She has done an excellent job with both children. My niece is now is in first grade and was fully prepared for kinder garden because of the structure of the daycare. The day care is set up as a classroom setting, where the children learn to raise their hands, colors, letters, names, and also express their creative side ( just to name a few of the things they do during the day). I never have to worry that my son is being well taken care of. Ms .Susy is very professional and the daycare is always neat (children learn to pick up after themselves), clean and welcoming. My son has one more year before he starts kinder garden and we will miss Ms.Susy. I would recommend this daycare to anyone.
Melina H
I had my 4 year old daughter with Ms Susy and her staff for almost a year and a half. I recently started a new job that offers daycare so with a SAD heart we had to move on. The time that my daughter was at Touching the hearts of children was AMAZING and a BLESSING. My family has undergone a hectic year with my mother having cancer and my husband starting school and not only was Ms Susy there for our daughters needs but always had an Inspiring word for me. My daughter has grown by leaps and bounds she is potty trained, knows all her colors and letters and is now writing her name. As a full time working mom it is nice to know that you don't have to worry about your child's development and academics. YES academics because they make sure your child is Kindergarden ready !! Ms Susy provides EVERY meal and snack, which by the way are healthy. My daughter loves when they do outside activities and especially go to see the horses. Everyday I get home from work she is more then excited to show me what she drew,learned,wrote or did. It makes my long day worth it. We want to thank Ms Susy and her staff (who by the way have undergone a background check ) for being the wonderful and caring individuals they are and yes I agree with Sarai when she states that Its second nature to Ms Susy. I believe that Ms Susy loves the children whole heartily. I not only see it in my child but other children when I'm there.

**If your looking for a TRUE, HONEST & LOVING child care facility you should bring your child to Touching the hearts of Children Daycare.
Sarai C
My daughter now 4 years old, Has been attending Touching the hearts of children childcare since she was 6 months old. Being a young mom, Ms. Susy and her staff worked with me and my child to provide the most outstanding care and guidance. Ms. Susy provides an awesome, friendly, growing, inspiring attitude which is reflected in my child's self growth everyday. My daughter has achieved the skills she needs to go forward to her academic years that will soon follow. Ms. Susy and her staff are very loving, caring individuals that supply the best care, from morning lectures, arts and crafts, music, nature walks, and structured activities you child will obtain age appropriate social skills and well rounded interactions. I can honestly say that this is Ms. Susy second nature, to provide the best care and guidance, as so much love and compassion is reflected in the in the atmosphere. I wanted stability, consistency, accountability, and to see personal growth in my child, with a very clean, empowering learning environment and that's exactly what I have here at Touching the hearts of children daycare. Not too mention that my daughter loves the healthy snacks that are provided and meals. :))
Jennifer P
My (almost) 3 year old has been attending Touching The Hearts of Children Daycare since he was an infant. Ms. Susy and her staff have helped us to raise him to be such a caring and smart boy. Every day he comes home with a new creative project that he has completed. He knows his colors, numbers, letters and has learned to share and take turns with his friends there. I love that they take them out for nature walks to see the animals in the neighborhood, keeping them active outside, and always learning. They serve nutritious meals and snacks. The facility is kept very clean and tidy. Ms. Susy and the staff have great experience caring for kids of all ages. I highly recommend this day care!
Reply from Touching The Hearts Of Children Day Care
I just want to thank the Peck family
for your trust and appreciating the care that
we provide for little Noah. It has been a pleasure
and joy watching Noah's growth in the last 3yrs.
Noah is a happy boy with amazingly smart with a
eagerness personality to learn and interact with other
children. love you guys Miss Susy
Dora O
This is a great daycare, my child has been @ Touching the Hearts of Children Daycare since she was 5 months old (now 17 months old). Being a military family, moving to a city where you don't know anyone is tough but from the moment I met with Ms. Susy I felt comfortable and at ease to leave our bundle of joy in her care. The staff is great too! Any concerns or questions I may have they are aways available to answer them. I really like the curriculum, the encouragment the children receive to have healthy relationships with their friends and the overal experience. Watching our daughters joy everytime we pick her up is priceless. I highly recommend this daycare.
Reply from Touching The Hearts Of Children Day Care
A thank you to the Ortiz Family for sharing your experience
with feeling comfortable and at ease to leave in our
care little buddle of joy Mya. Mya's sweet smile and
laugh makes my morning while mom and I talk.
Dora just know that most rewarding thing is your
sincere words thank you and God bless at the end of each day
you pick up little Mya. Her tears at the end of each day
is Mya expressing to mom and dad I just want to stay
I still want to play with my friends. love you guys
Miss Susy
Mrs. L
I'm an employee @ Touching the Hearts of Children Daycare. I wake up in the morning looking forward to come to work and be apart of the children's lives, seeing there smiles. It's a place where you can bring your children to learn and also feel like they are at home. It's rewarding to see each child be developed in their own unique way and their eagerness to want to learn. We provide daily preschool curriculum, infant/toddler curriculum that encourages them to be creative and to have fun learning. It's a joy watching there daily development. Touching the Hearts of Children Daycare is what we do best and how we know that is by the end of the day in their own little voices they say to mom/dad they don't want to go.

** I encourage parents to enroll your child, you will get your moneys worth, bring your child to experience a healthy environment in which they will be developed & be happy well adjusted individuals.
Reply from Touching The Hearts Of Children Day Care
A Big thank you and appreciation to my right hand
in everything Mrs. Larissa. I thank God for You
every day for your dedication, handwork, kindness,
unconditional love,and patience in caring for the children
@ Touching The Hearts at Children Daycare. Love you!!
Miss Susy
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